Today’s Prayer (07/29/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people who are on the path of destruction will stop in their tracks and follow You instead. Way too many people are headed to hell and don’t even realize, and I am afraid for their souls. I do not wish to hear of anyone I know and love to go to this place of torment when they die, but I cannot force their hand. I wish people would hear the words that You have put in my mouth, but too many people are slow to hear or have closed up entirely to what I have to share with them about You, Jesus. There is still hope for anyone that has breath in this life still, but people must humble themselves and come unto You fully to be saved. People cannot be partially for You and partially for the things of this world. Instead, people need to make a choice to follow You completely. Only then can You do a work in their lives and save their souls from destruction. Your ways are holy, righteous, pure, and also just. Nothing done in the flesh that is evil can go unpunished, lest people repent and turn to You in their sins. Then, can you rescue them, that they do not have to go through the torments that await them. Lord, I wish to see more people be saved and go to heaven. Surely, any person who could see heaven would no longer desire to be on their destructive path any longer but turn to You instead. There would surely be a three hundred and sixty-degree turn to following You. Lord, what I do not understand is how people can rationalize their sinful ways and still think they are saved and going to heaven. Don’t people realize that Your kingdom is pure and our sinful actions are not allowed there? Therefore, what people desire in this life, will they desire in the next. So they will not be allowed in heaven. It is my prayer that people will wake up to their sins, that they may repent and turn to You for salvation. I love You. Amen.
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