Today’s Prayer (07/30/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will really start thinking about who they are for You before they start doing things for the sake of their own flesh and the world. Too many people’s hearts are filthy and tarnished because of the things of this world, and they don’t even realize it. They don’t realize how much time they are wasting watching so much TV. Most of them are shows and TV that You would not watch with them, but still, they allow the world to fill them up with such wicked and vial things. Such things dishonor You and lead people to live in darkness, which goes against the light You give us. Even the video games people are playing on their phones and consoles are time wasters and very evil at that. These things have put the enemies clutches into people, that they have a hard time finding time to read the Bible and to pray. Lord, please wake these people up to know You before it is too late. Don’t they realize that the worldly songs they listen to are also killing any relationship they once had with You? Surely, what people put their trust in is either going to save their souls from hell and lead them to heaven or lead them to hell, where there is only destruction and pain. Jesus, I pray that people will turn from their sins and cry out to You for forgiveness. The evils in this world will not stop before Your coming, but the evil and vial things in our own lives can. We just need to start looking to You in real faith that actually produces good works. This will lead us to live a life pleasing in Your sight. What we need is more of You and less of us in our lives. We need Your holiness to take over our hearts, that we may live up to Your standards and not the worlds. I rejoice just to know You. You make me glad. I am so happy because You have saved me from my sins. I love You, Jesus. Never let go of my hand. Amen.

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