Today’s Prayer (07/13/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will continue to seek You, even until their very last breath. Right now there is fear in the air because of the Coronavirus and I pray that You will help come into these people’s hearts and calm the atmosphere. People need Your peace in order to help them know that things can only get better if You are in control of their lives. We can try to weather the storms on our own, but we will continue to fall. We don’t have the strength, God, to live this life on our own. Therefore, breathe upon all Your saints Your Holy Spirit. Keep us righteous and holy, and upon Your path. Keep our eyes fixed upon the prize, which is heaven, and not what the world is offering. Lead us from temptation, that we may not fall victim to sin and turn out to be just like the unrighteous. Surely, there is eternal damnation prepared for the wicked, while everlasting life for every true believer. However, I fear that only a few people will be saved. That there will be more people who proclaim to be Christians not written in Your book of life. This really pains my soul just thinking this. I pray that people’s names are not blotted out of Your book because of their sins, but that people will cry out to You and forsake their sins before it is too late. It is not worth gaining some pleasure in life while being separated from You for all eternity. This would be awful. So Lord, thank You for leading me on Your righteous path. I know that I falter, but I desire more than ever to walk in Your holiness and be nothing like the world is. May Your ways always be my ways. I love You. Amen.

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