Today’s Prayer (07/11/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that I and other fellow Christians will be slow to speak and quick to call upon Your Name for what to say to people. Many times I have put my foot in my mouth by what I have said to people and I am so sorry. I did not wish to hurt or offend anyone but still did this because of my vain wisdom and pride. The only thing these people wanted was to have a little encouragement and instead, I instilled in them fear, animosity, and heartache. Wow, how far did I fall in these times of pride. I needed to be humbled and You did this for me. Truly, this was me seeking my own wisdom outside of Yours, and I am so sorry Lord. Thankfully, You have taken me from this place and changed me from within. Now, I am able to hear people out and not say things that I know will hurt them in return. Instead, I am able to respond to people’s questions and concerns with love and comfort. I may not agree with certain people’s belief systems because they are unbiblical, but I do know that what they believe in means the world to them. Therefore, it is my only desire to instill in people like this new wisdom from above. Not to put any people down, but to bring them all to know You, Jesus. And when people are suffering because of sickness, death, loss of a job, financial issues, and more, I will go to them with Your presence with me. Even as I am caring for their needs, I pray that they will see You in me. May every person that is suffering be comforted in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I love You, Lord. You are the way the truth and the life. I give You the praise, Jesus. Amen.
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