A Divine Encounter In Jerome, Idaho

This is one of those days that God set in order, not me. It was set in motion so that I could meet up with and witness to a young man named Casey. I was in Jerome, having finished a job out there and eating at subway, before going back to Boise. Going to my car, I saw him walking down the road from the freeway. He was carrying a large bag full of stuff, of which I knew he must be tired after all that walking. And it was then that I had a choice, drive back to Boise or go and talk to him. Of which I chose the latter. Immediately, after going up to talk with him I asked him if he had eaten anything today and he said, “No”. So I said, “just come with me to Subway, and I’ll get you whatever you want. Have this banana and chips also.” So with a puzzled face, he said, “are you sure”, and I said, “of course. God loves you and so do I.” It was then that we went into subway and he got the sandwich he desired. It was then that our conversation turned to Jesus. While in line at subway, I shared with him the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because He died for our sins on the cross, I am alive in Him. And as followers of Jesus, we are to love one another as we love God. I explained that this little act of kindness is something Jesus would do also if He was here. And just as I called after you in the street, Jesus would have run after you, in order to also help you. This was a discussion made from heaven. Through God, I was able to get through to him in a big way. He was blown away by the kindness I shared with him.

It was then that I was going to say my goodbyes, but the Holy Spirit prompted me to ask him where he was going. Of which, was only 10 more miles away by car, but a couple of hours on foot. So, I asked if I could take him to the place he was going, and he said, “of course. Thank you so much”. All throughout our drive, he kept saying how grateful he was for what I was doing. That he believed in Jesus, but that there were some hardships in the family he needed to work out. With that said, I mentioned that Jesus said, “for if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.” (Matthew 6:14,15) So as we desire forgiveness from God, He expects us to forgive others in return. And when getting to his destination, I put my hand upon his shoulders and prayed that God would cast down every wall in his family. That they would accept him back and love him as Jesus loves us all. That the Spirit would lead and guide his life from here on out. There was so much more I said, but the point is that God was there with me blessing him. And he left me with that much more faith that things would start getting for him. I told him to keep praying, and more importantly, seek Jesus in all that he does. He was so happy, and I was also filled up with the joy of the Lord. What a time this way to help a person in need. This is something that God wishes He could do through each of us in the faith.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that You will be with my new friend, Casey, from here on out. It was an amazing encounter I had with him today, and I pray that he will remember the things we talked about. That his faith may continue to grow, even to blossom into a personal relationship with You, Jesus. The things I did with him could have only occurred if You were there with us. Surely, You were leading the discussions at hand and also giving me words to speak. I pray that the food that he received will be enough for today and that he will find good people tomorrow to help him also. Lord, I don’t know the type of place he is walking to, after dropping him off, but I pray that things went well. That every wall was shattered, even through Your might Name, Jesus. Lord, I wish people would forgive others the same way that they wish to receive forgiveness from You. His circumstances are difficult since people still see him as a person he once was without You. And I know that only You can change the atmosphere in His family member’s life and begin looking at my new brother in the faith with love and kindness. And Lord, lead him to a good job, which will take him off of the streets for good. He is young and has a full life ahead of him. Thank You for leading him to me. I loved every minute I had to witness the truths of the gospel with him, along with our time in prayer. I pray that he was moved by the prayer also. I love You, Jesus. Be with Casey. Help him. I believe in You. I trust in You, God. Amen.

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