Today’s Prayer (09/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I give You honor and praise, this day and forever. I glory in Jesus, my Savior. Your ways are true and faithful and that is what I want in my life also. Pour out Your Spirit upon me, that I might walk in Your holiness. All I desire is to be upright in Your sight and to no longer walk in willful sin. Lord, I pray that people will also be sorrowful for their sins, even for all their false beliefs. Take those things that they have made up in their minds and cast them out in Your mighty Name, Jesus. May they want nothing else, like I do, than to dwell with You all their days. I have tasted of the good and of the bad in this life, and only the good has kept me going, while the bad has always weighed me down in a negative way. I was tired of living a lie, and the desire to live a life pleasing in Your sight changed me. If there are any idols in people’s lives, cast them out. Rip them out of their hearts today. I pray that they are sorry for giving their time over to looking up to people and other things, while You were left out of the picture. The sorrow they have for their sins will save them this day. Their confessions will allow You to cast their iniquities from their lives. You are the lord of my life and I will follow You. I put my trust in the God of my salvation and will never again go astray. You are my God and I love You. I give You praise, Jesus. Take my hand and lead me to Your home in heaven. I believe in You and wish for You to fill me up with Your wisdom. In Your holy Name, Jesus, I pray this. Amen.
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