Today’s Prayer (07/22/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all become more caring and considerate of people’s needs. We need more people who are kind and loving, in order to outweigh all the evil in this world. I fear that too many people are suffering because of different trials, and there is no peace to be found. This would not be the case if people in the faith were looking past themselves, and to helping people instead. More people would be cared for if people did more than read the Bible and pray, but also do as You have said. I can imagine a world that is much different than we have today if people really trusted in You and did what You say. Sure, many people would no longer be as wealthy or have the amount of time they have for themselves now, but what they are doing for others would outweigh everything they had and did in this life. What I’ve learned is that in Your service is where true joy is felt. There is joy for the person who is prayed for and helped in what they need, but also the person who administers to them. Surely, my soul has been lifted up while in Your service much more than I have ever been lifted up when I was just gaining wisdom for myself in Your Word. I love to learn from You but I would be selfish if I wanted it all for myself. I don’t even know how I could continue believing I am a Christian if I did not want to also bless others with the knowledge and gifts that You have given me. So, Lord, please wake people up to truly love You, for if they did, then loving their neighbor would come naturally. You are my rock and my firm foundation. How can I be judgy or accusatory, but only show comfort when You are with me? My life is different because You are leading me. I love You. Amen.

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