Today’s Prayer (07/09/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for more people who are genuinely interested in being helpful to people who are in need. People who can see those who are suffering and no longer desire to back away, but to jump forward to help them. And when these people come into the midst of those who are in pain, that they will have prayed to You first. It is so important that we come into people’s homes with Your peace round about us. For how can we help anyone, when there is still evil thoughts, anger, or animosity in our hearts. How can we give a word of peace and comfort, when Your joy cannot be found within us? So, Lord, I pray that people will begin seeking You often in prayer and in Your Word, the Bible. Then, will they know how to act for You and not for themselves. They will be a light unto this world, and not a distraction. They will carry forth Your love and compassion, and put aside all their evil thoughts and intentions at the foot of the cross. Even then will You take a person who is backslidden and not entirely in the faith, and revive them once again. We cannot do this for people but only lead them to the one true God of the heavens, which is You, Lord, who can save them, and also change their lives forever. So as people’s lives are restored in Your great love, I pray that they will desire to be used by You and become a worker in Your kingdom. That they will become a person who desires to bring good tidings to everyone around them. I know that I am not good unless the Holy Spirit is with me and guiding me by the hand. Therefore, I give You glory and praise for changing a wretch like me to follow You and be saved. I love You. Amen.
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