Today’s Prayer (07/20/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that as believers, we will have the protection from Your holy angels. I am grateful to know about them in scripture and wish to also be protected by them at all times. I know that one day we will see Your holy angels first hand, but I pray that You will send them to me and my household today and forever, that we will grow stronger in the faith because they are there with us. I love You Jesus and know that what You have done for the prophets and saints of old, by sending Your holy angels to help them, You can do the same for us as well. You are the same yesterday, today, and forever, and love us the same as You have loved Your people in times past. Therefore, I trust that I can be healed from my illness because of an angel or prayers of Your saints. Through this, I can be restored into new life and be made whole. You can heal people through men and women of God who trust in You and are willing to be Your holy vessels on earth. However, only a few people reach out to You to be Your willing servants. Therefore, many people in the faith suffer in their sicknesses and grief throughout their lives. So many people, God, are chronically ill with no way out but death that is close at hand. To this, I pray that if it is Your will that more people will be healed and not have to suffer for years until their death. This is a terrible way to die, and I pray that angels and saints of God will come and restore these people into new health. We don’t do this on our own accord, but only by Your might hand. We don’t deserve any glory but give it all to You. You are worthy of all our praise and glory. We honor You, God, and lift You up high. I love You. Amen.
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