Today’s Prayer (07/28/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will understand the need to get right with You even after baptism. That they will know the importance of repentance and not just live their own life of sin. I am afraid that too many people who say they are believers are really on the road to destruction and hell when they die because of their unwillingness to repent. Too many people are caught up in very wicked things of this world like pornography, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, drinking to get drunk, idolatry, lust, covetousness, and the sin of unforgiveness and more. Truly, the devil has a stronghold upon people of this age and they don’t even realize it. His clutches are driven in so deep that He has caused people to be blinded to their sins, that they are now justified in their own sight. But how can this be, God? Don’t people realize that their bodies are Your temples and that You are a holy and just God? That no unclean person can enter Your kingdom above? We cannot be made clean on our own, but only be washed by Your blood, Jesus. I know that You are my Redeemer and Lord of my life. I can only be made clean by what You did for me on the cross. Therefore, I submit myself to You daily in repentance, that I may be washed from any sins that I have committed. I accept that some things I did were very wrong and I am very sorry. It is my hope that I will not continue to willfully sin, but if I fall into sin, that I will come running to You for forgiveness. Only You can give me clean hands and a pure heart. So please continue to do a work in me and guide me on Your path of righteousness. I wish to go to heaven someday but know that only You can lead me there, God. I love You. Amen.

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