Today’s Prayer (07/14/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray for peace in this world of uncertainty. Help people who are suffering find the peace and comfort they need, in order to carry on in life. I know that life can be hard, especially when it comes to job losses, financial issues, marriage issues, a death in the family, and more. Even sin can certainly be a factor as to why people are so depressed. When we are broken down because of this lost world we live in, there is no rest for our souls. We have tried all the different outlets and have only had temporary pleasure, but nothing lasting to take home with us. Surely, all that comes out of the world’s offerings is more pain, grief, sadness, guilt, and shame. I know that these feelings can devastate a person enough to be depressed and commit suicide. So, Lord, I pray that people will find rest in Your presence. If it is them finding You in prayer, praise God. If it is them finding You through other Christians, praise God. Surely, we as Christians have a great deal to do in Your kingdom. And if we think that we are comfortable with what we are doing already, I know that You have something coming to us, that will catch us off guard. For there is always someone to comfort. There is always someone who we can help. We are a light unto this world, and I pray that more people will be lit up to serve You, in order to do Your will. People are suffering and we need Your help to find these people and to deliver them Your peace and comfort. May there be no more pointing fingers at the innocent or guilty, but only forgiveness and mercy, just as You have forgiven us. These things I pray, in Your mighty Name, Jesus. I love You, Lord. Amen.

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