Today’s Prayer (07/04/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will be more loving and less judgmental. That we will be more kind and considerate of people’s needs and less about our self and what we desire. May our knowledge come from You and not from our own thoughts and the thoughts of this world. There is so much I still need to let go of which does not come from You, and I know that many other people need to do the same. So often do I pray that Your thoughts will be my thoughts. That my mind will be filled up with Your wisdom and knowledge. That I will see people in need and jump to help them, and no longer be hesitant about it. May there be fewer people who suffer with no person to lean on, but that Your children will come to these people in droves. I am speaking of people who need our help on the streets who are homeless, those in jail or prisons, hospitals, assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and in people’s homes. So many people are suffering because of sickness, a death in the family or friend, loss of a job, financial issues, marriage problems, family issues, and more. We have people hooked on drugs and are addicted to terrible things that are drawing people away from You. I can see the evils of this world and my heart sinks just knowing that it is affecting people who love You. For this reason, will I seek those out who are in need of our help, plus our prayers. How can I live this life building my own life up, while other people are suffering? This pains my soul just thinking about people all around me who are less fortunate than me and my family. So I pray for their needs and cry out to You for love, comfort, and peace to fill their souls. If these people are near me, lead me to them, that I might be a beacon of hope and lead them to Your presence, oh Lord. I love You. Amen.

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