Today’s Prayer (07/06/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for creating me. I know that my life is one in a billion, but still, You cared enough to breath life into my soul, while in my mother’s womb. I am like the sand of the sea, but still, You care so deeply for my life like anyone else. How could You care enough for me when billions of other people also alive and breathing? I will never understand how I am still important in Your eyes when there are so many other people that need Your attention. All I know is that You are my God and I am grateful to have Your presence in my life. There may be trials in my life, but still, You come for me and carry me through the storms of life. I am not left alone, for You are always there for me when I need You. How awesome is it to think that You can hear all of my prayers and others from around the globe. Surely, You can see who is living for You and who is living for the flesh and sin. You can see who is trusting in You for salvation and who has already given up on You. There is nothing that happens in life that You are not aware of. Everything is an open book. Even our names are either written in Your book of life or they are nowhere to be found. As for me, Lord, I pray that my name is written in Your holy book and will stay there. All I desire is to live for You and do Your will. Nothing in this life matters unless You are there with me. If there is love, kindness, patience, forgiveness, patience, and boldness in my life, You have made it happen. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. I give You praise and glory. I love You. Amen.
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