Today’s Prayer (02/28/2019)

Oh Lord, there is truly no one like You. You have the power to heal our lives like nobody can. What we gain from earthly physicians is temporary health and wellness but with You, there is an eternity of healing, both body and soul. You don’t just want to do things temporary for us but do a work that lasts forever. What a wonderful and miraculous God, You are. Surely, people are missing out on their opportunities to know You, when they are stubborn and instead decide not to follow You, but do their own thing. These people do not see how lost they truly are and often will never see this until death hits them. It is then, when they are before You in judgement that they will know that You Jesus, our God, and also the creator and judge of all things. You truly deserve all the worship, all the honor, all the glory and all the praise. However, even many Christians only say they believe in You, but have no honor in how they live their lives. This is truly disappointing Lord, for Your ways are glorious and are truly life changing. There is no greater joy and love than what You have to offer us. I just wish people’s eyes could be opened to see this, as You have opened my eyes. I was once blind, but I can now see. Truly, I was lost, but You have found me and I am made well. There are always lives struggles, but You are my strength and the one that gives me comfort. Thank You Lord. I love You God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/27/2019)

Oh Lord, what I’ve read in the Bible is powerful. Surely, Your power is manifested in every word. Through Your words, people are convicted of their sins and are brought to You, in order to be cleansed. Your words have such power to prick us to the heart and lead us away from wickedness and instead, follow You, Lord. I know this to be true, for I have felt Your power in my life many times. I was once overpowered by Satan and the darkness therein, but after much prayer, Your presence came over me. It was in this very hour that Your mighty power was made manifest in me and my bonds were broken. For nothing could change my wicked heart to live righteously, until You came into my life. That is when every chain was broken. I was a slave to sin, but You have changed everything. Through Your great Name, sin no longer has power over me, for I am built in Your armor. The Bible has fortified me and I am strong because of what I read, what I know and what is implanted on my heart. Surely, I am guided through the storms of life because Your Words are lamp unto my feet. And through prayer, my beliefs are fortified like iron. I am not led astray, for You are leading me, every step of the way. You have given me strength and boldness in this wicked world we live in. Thank You God. I am so blessed by You, my King. I love You with all my heart and give You all the glory. I worship You Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/26/2019)

Oh Lord, there is so much to learn and gain from Your own prayers, especially the one you gave in John, chapter 17. What you’ve taught me Lord is that as we ought to glorify You, as You glorify the Father and He in You. We ought to be one with You, Lord, as You are one with the Father in all words and actions. Everything that is good and joyful in this world comes from You Lord. The same love that Your Father gave You, You have manifested unto us all. You are so selfless and kind, always thinking of others before Yourself. I just pray that I will become like You, Lord and be as humble of a servant to You, as you are to Your Father. May I glorify Your Name in my words and actions, as You are so deserving of all our honor and respect. Lord, come into my life. Abide in me, that I may abide in You. Be one with me always and through the Father’s protection, lead me out of every sin. I no longer wish to disrespect You in any way by my sinful actions. Instead, cleanse me of every sin, that I may be used for Your good. Send me off as Your servant, that I may do whatever work You have for my life. My life is Yours, my God. I love You Jesus. All the glory, all the honor, and all the praise go to You Lord and our Father. For in You both is the One True God. I love You God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/24/2019)

Lord, I know that You are so willing to lead us, even though most times we are not listening or ignore Your call. You want to do great things for our lives but we are often too busy to respond. I pray that this will end today, not just for me but all people that believe in You, Jesus. May every person that says that they are a believer, also obey You and do Your will in every way possible. Even when times are hard, I know that You have the best intentions for our lives and will help us through anything. When it feels like things can’t get any better, I am assured that this is just a test of my faith and the patience you bring, will help me through it. Lord, I know that with every situation you put us in, it is for our good. When you convict us to stop and help a homeless man, I know this is very important and therefore, I will do it. When I hear that a person has fallen into poverty, with Your love, I will visit them and care for their needs. When I am called to be a witness for Your Name, I will do it in faith, knowing that You will fill me with words to speak. Even in persecution, I will not be ashamed of my testimony of You, Jesus. Therefore, I am willing to go all the way for You, including giving up my life for You. You are my God and it is better to fulfill Your calling for my life than anything else. I am comforted to know that You are my guide. Thank You Lord for showing me the way. I love You God. In Your Holy Name, Jesus, amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/22/2019)

Oh Lord, it is truly a blessing to know You. I believe in You God, for I know that no one else has the power to save. I no longer lift up myself but only You, Jesus. May Your will be done in my life. I know that You see everything and for that reason, I wish to be known by You also. If anything in my life is evil in your sight, cast it out of me today. I no longer wish to be of this world but serve You only. I could die today, but in saying that I would be happy, for I chose to follow You, Jesus, who saves. I know that Your coming is soon, and therefore, I don’t wish to only be saved but to also find the lost, that they may be rescued as well. Give me eyes to see people for who they really are. And may I love them as You love us all. The Spirit of God is what I need Lord, more than anything. For without it, I cannot do anything that is good, for I am lost also. You are my light and Your words are a lamp unto my feet. Continue to take me by the hand and lead me in Your ways always. I am here to drink of the living waters, of which you hold, so fill me up this day. I know that in You, Jesus, I will never be thirsty again. For what You offer, sustains me day in and day out. I have everything I need with You. You are my Lord and my God. There is nothing greater in this life than to follow You and to witness to people of Your great name. I love You Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/21/2019)

Oh Lord, reading Your words brings me so much strength. I am so blessed to read the Bible and understand it through the Spirit. It is because You abide in me, that everything is made clear and I know the way. Thank You for coming into my life and helping me see the truth of all things. You have lifted the veil off my face and I can see You for who You really are. You are my God and I love You. It is awesome to fall down and worship You, my King. Truly, my heart burns within me and my heart is set on fire for You, Lord. I can do all things, for You give me strength. You are alive and working inside of me. It is a true blessing to have You come into my life and for me to be Your witness. I did not deserve the love and mercy that You have demonstrated towards me. Just like the two men that You talked with, on the road to Emmaus, I also was blinded to Your great love for me for many years, until I finally decided to have You abide with me. This is when became real and everything changed. You became more than just a man but my personal Savior and Lord God of all. Thank You for making Your presence known to me. I simply called out Your name and You answered my prayers. Now, your words are a lump unto my feet. Truly, Lord, Your love is never ending and never fails us. I have failed You so many times, but You have never given up on me. Thank You continuing to forgive me and to lift me up. It is truly a blessing to know that I am loved by You. I love You so much Lord. Thank You Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/20/2019)

Oh Lord, I am grateful just to know You and to know that I am led by the one true God who saves. There is no more questioning things and wondering what is right and what is wrong any more. It is because I stand firm upon Your Word, in the Bible, that I have direction. I know how deceived people can get, if they stop reading Your words, and instead trust in man-made teachings over Yours. When this happens, the veil of darkness goes over people’s faces, and truth is unable to be scene. This is when a person begins to trust in their prophet or what their pastor, bishop or priest is saying, instead of going to the source of truth. I say these things, Lord, because I was a victim to this for many years, while in the Mormon faith. Instead of confiding in Your teachings, that are written in scripture, my thoughts and desires were elsewhere. And what is sad is that I would bear my testimony of the things I knew, in order to have true Christians stop trying to teach me. It was me blocking them out, when You were only trying to use these messengers to convict me of my sins. I was so lost and could not even see it. Now Lord, I am so grateful that You never gave up on me. It took time, but finally I found the answers in the Bible and through prayer. The veil has been lifted and I am set on the right path. Thank You Lord. I am made new through Your mercy and grace. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/19/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person that calls themselves a Christian, will truly mean it. May it not just be something that people say they are when questioned, but something they mean in their hearts. I have heard and seen way to many professing Christians, when truly their hearts were far from You. Instead of seeking Your hand, they have sought after things that only fulfill the lusts of the flesh and do not please You in any way. What the world has offered them, this is what they have sought after, instead of finding time in Your Word and in prayer. These people are the majority of everyone around us and I am saddened to know this. For this, I desire that each person has an awakening in their lives and are set back on the path of salvation. Unfortunately, this is not happening. So I pray for more witnesses. That more people will be willing to go out in the harvest and find the lost. Then, when we find those that have been led astray, that through Your love, we might lead them back in. I also pray for every pastor. Please help them understand the importance of reaching every person in the audience. Because most of them are not living a life for Christ, they need to be called out. So I pray, God, that the important messages of sin and repentance is taught and that these people are convicted to a point of confessing their sins to you. This I know that salvation will come to them, because of Your mercy. I love You Lord and say these things in Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/18/2019)

Lord God, please help us all have a greater desire to commune with You in prayer. May this become a heartfelt thing and not just something we do as a religious ritual. Only by having a real relationship with you, may we truly understand Your will and be drawn to do things that are extraordinary in Your sight. And God, help every Christian understand the need to fast. You were the greatest example of this act and did so for forty days. This, You did, that we may understand the need to fast. You also taught that some demons can only be cast out through prayer and fasting. And as everyone in the faith ought to be ready to fight off the demonic forces, we ought to also fast when needed. And God, You will help us know when this is necessary. Whenever the Holy Spirit is not present, I know that it is important to give you everything, including anything that is holding us back. And often times this takes a lot out of us to change in this way. That is why I am so grateful for fasting and to know that You are working through us in those moments to change us from the inside out. That way, when we come out of our fast, our Spiritual life is renewed and we are made alive again. I know that You have the power to save us all, if we just give ourselves over to You. This I know, as my life has been changed in these moments of fasting. Even many miracles have come of it. I love You Jesus. And I say these things in thy Holy Name. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/16/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that every woman and man involved with abortion will repent. In this prayer, I call upon every person that is involved. This means each person that is involved with the abortion laws that are being passed, the people that are pro-abortion, men that force their girlfriend or wife into having an abortion, and those woman that commit the abortion. All of these people are collectively allowing innocent blood to be shed. Lord, convict these people of their murderous deeds. Help them know that even supporting abortion is allowing it to take place. May they understand that things will never change unless the people involved are willing to change first. And God, if any one of these people truly feel like they are a Christian and a believer in You, convict them of their sins, starting today. If they truly want to believe in and follow You, may they also begin to think clearly on this matter. Help them understand that killing innocent blood is something You hate and therefore, they should hate it as well. We want to live like You Lord and not do things that dishonor You in any way. It is only our pride that gets in the way of truly living a life that honors You. I myself am willing to let go of myself and do as You say. And I pray that more people will do the same. This I pray, in Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/14/2019)

Lord, I know that Your prophesies are true and will always be fulfilled. This is because Your words in the Bible are a lamp unto our feet and guide us to all truth. I find it amazing each I read the prophesies in the Old Testament and see them be fulfilled in the New Testament and even now. Truly, Your words are alive and have the power to teach us great and mighty things. One such prophesy that amazes me is the prophesy of John. Only You Lord could give this revelation to Isaiah 700 years before John even came into this world, and have it be fulfilled with John. For surely time is not a factor for You Lord. You are more than capable of moving and shaping this world, in order to see Your will be done. And what John did in total submission to Your will is remarkable. Surely, he is a great example for each us in our how we ought to respond to Your will. His calling was to prepare the way for You Jesus. Now, for us, I know that Your callings for us are important also. You have given me a calling to witness Your truths to the world. And by so doing, have given me boldness to share Your great love on the streets, online, and in my writings. I just pray that others will find their spiritual gifts and also allow themselves to be used by You. There is no greater calling then to know that I am led by You, the God of the heavens and fulfilling Your wishes on earth. To serve You Lord, is my heart’s desire. It is because I love You with all my heart, mind and soul, that I seek You and obey. I say these things Lord, in the holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/13/2019)

Lord God, I am so grateful for Your sacrifice for sins. Surely, it was nothing You were forced to do but willingly suffered, that we might live. You took every scourge and beating for us. You bled and suffered much by the weight of the nails in Your hands and feet, while being raised on the cross. Knowingly, You took every weight of sin and put it upon Your shoulders for us. We did not deserve such love and compassion, but You showed it anyways. It is because You are such a great and merciful God, that You did not want anyone to go to hell but be forgiven and go to heaven when we die. And You made the way for all of this. Where there was darkness, You shined Your light through it and gave us the path to walk. I am so grateful just to know You, Jesus. I am so grateful that You heard my confessions and had mercy for my soul. I know it is all because of the cross that I am forgiven. Thank You for bearing the weight upon Yourself for my sins. Thank You Lord. I am not capable of living a life that is right in Your sight, but through the Holy Spirit, I am more than able. And through the Spirit, I have my guide. You did not leave any of us comfortless, for You are always there for us. Your presence speaks peace to my heart, mind, and soul. You have given me grace. Thank You Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/12/2019)

Lord, I pray that the Mormon people will come to the knowledge of Joseph Smith, being a false prophet. Surely, what he was involved with sexually was perverse and contrary to Your will. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been kept from these people and they do not know the lies. So open the hearts of every LDS member today. Help them have a heart to discover what is truth, through Your words in the Bible, and be willing to follow Your teachings above all things. So that when they learn that polygamy is contrary to Your will, help them know that it also pertains to the early members of their church and Joseph Smith, there first prophet. When you teach that we are to have one wife and none others, lest we fall into sexual sin, may we truly understand this and know how this affects our current beliefs. As these people lift up marriage so much, may they begin to lift You up and Your will also. In this, will the light bulb finally come on that if any person teaches contrary to Your words, that they are a false teacher or false prophet? I am so happy that You have taught me such things and have brought me out of this church. It was the greatest day ever when I finally resigned and gave my whole heart to You, Jesus. Now, I am saved and have been reborn in Your love. Thank You Lord. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/11/2019)

Lord, through Your words, it is made known to us that religious acts aren’t always a sign of our devotion to You. It is, however, the way we seek after You through prayer and in Your words, that we show that we care. The icing is then when we follow You and do as You say. Doing so, shows true love and devotion to You. I am truly grateful to know this, for I would be so wrong if I did not serve You in the right way. For my desire is to know You personally and to love You with my whole heart. You are my God and I always wish that You know this. For You have come and saved my soul from death. Because You died for my sins, I am born again. Your death on the cross means more to me then I will ever know. For Your blood has covered my sins and now I am forgiven. Thank You Jesus. And because of Your resurrection, I have new life and hope for tomorrow. As Your disciples did, while You were on earth, I will also lay down my life for You. I will not back down from proclaiming Your good news to all the world. No matter how hard persecution may be, I will go out victorious, for I am not ashamed of You, Jesus. Till the ends of this earth will I follow You. You are my love and my devotion. Come inside of me each and every day of my life and do what You will for me. Use me for Your greater good. I trust in You, Jesus. In Your holy Name. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/10/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray as You’ve directed us, to send forth more laborers into Your harvest. It is truly difficult Lord to reach everyone when only one few people are willing to witness Your truths. Truly, You are able to do great things through us, each night that we go out, but I can see many people go forth unreached because there are so few of us. I can just imagine Lord, what it was like before I started going out on the streets. I am just so grateful to be called now to preach and teach your gospel. Truly, the lost have been found and many of them have already accepted You into their lives. For this, we give You all the praise and the glory. We could not have led them to You if You had not opened our mouths and filled us with words to speak. With the Spirit of God, prayers have awakened people to repent and turn from their sins. Through these convictions, they now believe in and follow You. Even those that are sick have been prayed over and gotten better. What an amazing thing this has been to see and to be a part of. And God, it is a blessing to reach the homeless and help them however we can. It is like I am drawn to them and to see them have food and drink is what I need to do. These desires have all come from You, Lord. I do these things not to be lifted up, but to lift You up high. I am only Your witness. I pray that more people will join me in these efforts, wherever they are. I say these things in thy holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/08/2019)

Lord, it is so good just to have You near. We need Your guidance and direction and Your presence is what we need to know the way home. So thank You for coming into our lives and giving us the Holy Spirit to speak to our heart and soul. It is our desire now to follow You and not back down. If there is any sin in our lives, take it away now Lord. We don’t want it anymore, for if it offends You, it offends us also. We are sorry for even partaking of such things that are contrary to Your will. Please forgive us. Give us the ability to fight against temptation and win the battle. We all know what has taken has down before and is still tugging at us now. So we ask that You come into our lives, in order to be built up. Our flesh is weak, but with You, we are stronger. There is armor, when Your Words are in our hearts and minds. They are a lamp unto our feet. So, God we repent now and ask for Your forgiveness. Cleanse of all our sins, that we may have not be partakers of this world, but feast in Your presence. May the filthiness of this world no longer latch upon us and take us downward. We are strong with You Lord. It is Your holiness that we desire, for it builds us up to choose the right. May Your holiness reside in our lives each and every day. Watch over us that we may not fall. We love You Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/06/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will turn from their sins and follow You, starting today. May they recognize their sins, that they may be brought into the light. I know that secret sins can be very heavy on a person, so I ask that You come into these people’s lives and convict them. That way they may be broken and find a need for a Savior. Until this happens, I am afraid that their pride will get in the way. So what we need Lord is an awakening of sin in people’s lives. We need people that are willing to hear Your voice and do something with their lives. Not themselves but allowing Your arms in, that they may be born again. We are incapable of living a good life that pleases You on our own and need Your armor to help us. Come and build us up today that we may withstand the temptation of the evil one. Bring us out of every evil situation that we may become stronger each time to resist. And when we fall, please help get right back up and confess our sins. This way, those that are hurt will find peace and we will find mercy. You can see everything in our lives Lord, so today, we give it all You. Anything that is unworthy, take it from us, that we may live uprightly in Your site. May Your love overflow inside of us and into everyone we meet. This we pray Lord, in this Holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/05/2019)

Oh Lord, convict those men and women that are for abortion to repent, starting today. May they understand that it is wicked and abominable before Your eyes. Also, convict every women that is thinking of having an abortion to repent and not go forth with it, lest your wrath will be upon her. Also, convict the man involved with the abortion to change his mind and help his wife or girlfriend, not to go forth with it. Your wrath is upon this man as well, if no repentance is made. The Holy Spirit has made this known to me. It is very evident that murder is evil and especially when it comes to murdering unborn babies. This truly wracks my soul with sadness and grief. Give me peace Lord, to get through this. I also know God that Your angels mourn for the blood spilt in abortion. What an abomination this is and surely these unborn babies are crying out in death. May the killings stop Lord. My soul cannot take this any longer. To know that millions of babies have already been killed is more than heart breaking. Help me to reach these people that are for this atrocity, that they may repent before it is too late. I know that judgments are already set for people that are for such murder and killings, but I pray that some of these people will come to You, Jesus, before it is too late. There is hope, but it is fading fast. I trust in You, Jesus. You are my rock and my fortress. I can do all things in Your Name. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/04/2019)

Oh Lord, truly this world is in darkness like never before. Satan has come and made sexual sin more prevalent, and therefore, more people have fallen into it. Even so-called Christians, along with unbelievers look at pornography and hide it from others. However, in all this, we know that nothing is hidden before You. Everything is an open book, but people just do not realize this. It is always about them and how they can be fulfilled before everything else. I know that such sins are wicked and vial in Your sight and that Your wrath is upon such people. Even me, when I was under this cloak of darkness and was addicted. It was only You that could reach in and pull me out of this before it was too late. I could have lost everything, including my family, friends, job and my salvation, if I had not turned from it and unto You and repented. And that day, Lord, was a day I will never forget. It was a day that I was broken and needed a Savior, and You came to me. You wiped away my tears and brought peace to my life. As I submitted my life to You, You gave me new desires and a clean heart. Your forgiveness was also for me. Wow, thank You Lord. I am so grateful for Your mercy and grace. I do not desire to be on the path I am today but because of Your mercy, I have a restart on life. Thank You Jesus. I love You Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/03/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will not only say they have faith and know You but to also be known by You. It is one thing to proclaim a knowledge of You, Jesus, and another to be truly known and have a relationship with You. And Your Word makes it clear that keeping Your commandments is how we truly know You and even love You. There is truth is in us, when we do Your will. Thank You for teaching us these things and helping us know what to do in this life. I know that my own desires deceive me but Your guidance and direction helps me every day of my life. Never do I want to go back in time and simply say I believe in You and, therefore, lie to myself therein. I was so lost then and I know that on judgement day, I would have been held accountable for not knowing Your will and, therefore, disobeying it. Thank You for changing me, so that that did not have to happen. Because of this, I pray that Your commandments will ever be on my mind and on my heart. Also, help everyone that is in the faith know that true devotion is to listen and obey You. Now, this may have appeared hard in the beginning, before I was saved, but now Your laws and commands are a delight to me. I love every commandment. I love every piece of wisdom and guidance for my life. Your words are what I long for and need to go onward in faith. I do these things is because I love You Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. To You, I give all the praise and glory. I lift You up high. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/02/2019)

Oh Lord my God, You are so worthy of Your Name. Yes, Jesus, we come to You with open arms and a heart of worship. Oh how we love Your presence. When You speak to us, it is life changing. Your words fill us up with joy. Thank You Lord. You are so good to us God. Come and fill us more and more with Your Wisdom and knowledge. Lead us by the hand. Help us to walk in Your ways and to never leave Your side. Poor down upon us Your Holy Spirit, that everyone may be moved to live a new life in You. May the Spirit lead us to love one another as You love us. For Lord, I love You and want everyone to be loved the same way. How could I ever hold grudges, for there is only mercy in Your eyes. How could I ever not forgive those that have hurt me, for You are always willing to forgive me. You are my greatest example of how to treat others with utter kindness and true love. There is no one like You Jesus. Your words are my delight and I want more of You. Come and speak to my soul and teach me every day of my life. I say this, because You have lifted every guilt and shame off my shoulders. I can’t say enough of how this means to me. There is true freedom in Your Name and I love You for this. In Your Holy Name Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (02/01/2019)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful to be brought out of this world and to find freedom from all my shame. My life was so broken before I found You, Lord. You know as well as I do that my life was not for you. And every time I looked at pornography or committed adultery, the guilt was raging inside. It was so hard to control myself back then, for I had no armor. I knew that I could not hold back and it killed me to fall victim to the same sin over and over again. So I needed something that was permanent. I needed something that would change my wicked heart. That was when You stepped in Lord. In all my brokenness, I called upon Your Name and You answered me. Every word was heard, as You put Your arms around me. What I needed was support and a way out and Your presence did it for me. You reassured me Lord that I could break free and it started the day that I came unto You. That day that I gave You my life was when miracles started to happen. For You took away my desires for porn and replaced it with love for You and one another. You saw how I treated women and molded me to treat them with respect and kindness. I always wanted to do this Lord and You were the one that shaped my life accordingly. Thank You for taking my wicked heart and allowing me to be born again. I am a new creature because of Your great love. I owe all to You Lord. I love You. Amen.