Today’s Prayer (02/26/2019)

Oh Lord, there is so much to learn and gain from Your own prayers, especially the one you gave in John, chapter 17. What you’ve taught me Lord is that as we ought to glorify You, as You glorify the Father and He in You. We ought to be one with You, Lord, as You are one with the Father in all words and actions. Everything that is good and joyful in this world comes from You Lord. The same love that Your Father gave You, You have manifested unto us all. You are so selfless and kind, always thinking of others before Yourself. I just pray that I will become like You, Lord and be as humble of a servant to You, as you are to Your Father. May I glorify Your Name in my words and actions, as You are so deserving of all our honor and respect. Lord, come into my life. Abide in me, that I may abide in You. Be one with me always and through the Father’s protection, lead me out of every sin. I no longer wish to disrespect You in any way by my sinful actions. Instead, cleanse me of every sin, that I may be used for Your good. Send me off as Your servant, that I may do whatever work You have for my life. My life is Yours, my God. I love You Jesus. All the glory, all the honor, and all the praise go to You Lord and our Father. For in You both is the One True God. I love You God. Amen.

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