Today’s Prayer (02/11/2019)

Lord, through Your words, it is made known to us that religious acts aren’t always a sign of our devotion to You. It is, however, the way we seek after You through prayer and in Your words, that we show that we care. The icing is then when we follow You and do as You say. Doing so, shows true love and devotion to You. I am truly grateful to know this, for I would be so wrong if I did not serve You in the right way. For my desire is to know You personally and to love You with my whole heart. You are my God and I always wish that You know this. For You have come and saved my soul from death. Because You died for my sins, I am born again. Your death on the cross means more to me then I will ever know. For Your blood has covered my sins and now I am forgiven. Thank You Jesus. And because of Your resurrection, I have new life and hope for tomorrow. As Your disciples did, while You were on earth, I will also lay down my life for You. I will not back down from proclaiming Your good news to all the world. No matter how hard persecution may be, I will go out victorious, for I am not ashamed of You, Jesus. Till the ends of this earth will I follow You. You are my love and my devotion. Come inside of me each and every day of my life and do what You will for me. Use me for Your greater good. I trust in You, Jesus. In Your holy Name. Amen.

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