Today’s Prayer (02/02/2019)

Oh Lord my God, You are so worthy of Your Name. Yes, Jesus, we come to You with open arms and a heart of worship. Oh how we love Your presence. When You speak to us, it is life changing. Your words fill us up with joy. Thank You Lord. You are so good to us God. Come and fill us more and more with Your Wisdom and knowledge. Lead us by the hand. Help us to walk in Your ways and to never leave Your side. Poor down upon us Your Holy Spirit, that everyone may be moved to live a new life in You. May the Spirit lead us to love one another as You love us. For Lord, I love You and want everyone to be loved the same way. How could I ever hold grudges, for there is only mercy in Your eyes. How could I ever not forgive those that have hurt me, for You are always willing to forgive me. You are my greatest example of how to treat others with utter kindness and true love. There is no one like You Jesus. Your words are my delight and I want more of You. Come and speak to my soul and teach me every day of my life. I say this, because You have lifted every guilt and shame off my shoulders. I can’t say enough of how this means to me. There is true freedom in Your Name and I love You for this. In Your Holy Name Jesus. Amen.

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