Today’s Prayer (02/24/2019)

Lord, I know that You are so willing to lead us, even though most times we are not listening or ignore Your call. You want to do great things for our lives but we are often too busy to respond. I pray that this will end today, not just for me but all people that believe in You, Jesus. May every person that says that they are a believer, also obey You and do Your will in every way possible. Even when times are hard, I know that You have the best intentions for our lives and will help us through anything. When it feels like things can’t get any better, I am assured that this is just a test of my faith and the patience you bring, will help me through it. Lord, I know that with every situation you put us in, it is for our good. When you convict us to stop and help a homeless man, I know this is very important and therefore, I will do it. When I hear that a person has fallen into poverty, with Your love, I will visit them and care for their needs. When I am called to be a witness for Your Name, I will do it in faith, knowing that You will fill me with words to speak. Even in persecution, I will not be ashamed of my testimony of You, Jesus. Therefore, I am willing to go all the way for You, including giving up my life for You. You are my God and it is better to fulfill Your calling for my life than anything else. I am comforted to know that You are my guide. Thank You Lord for showing me the way. I love You God. In Your Holy Name, Jesus, amen.
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