Today’s Prayer (02/27/2019)

Oh Lord, what I’ve read in the Bible is powerful. Surely, Your power is manifested in every word. Through Your words, people are convicted of their sins and are brought to You, in order to be cleansed. Your words have such power to prick us to the heart and lead us away from wickedness and instead, follow You, Lord. I know this to be true, for I have felt Your power in my life many times. I was once overpowered by Satan and the darkness therein, but after much prayer, Your presence came over me. It was in this very hour that Your mighty power was made manifest in me and my bonds were broken. For nothing could change my wicked heart to live righteously, until You came into my life. That is when every chain was broken. I was a slave to sin, but You have changed everything. Through Your great Name, sin no longer has power over me, for I am built in Your armor. The Bible has fortified me and I am strong because of what I read, what I know and what is implanted on my heart. Surely, I am guided through the storms of life because Your Words are lamp unto my feet. And through prayer, my beliefs are fortified like iron. I am not led astray, for You are leading me, every step of the way. You have given me strength and boldness in this wicked world we live in. Thank You God. I am so blessed by You, my King. I love You with all my heart and give You all the glory. I worship You Lord. Amen.
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