Today’s Prayer (02/06/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will turn from their sins and follow You, starting today. May they recognize their sins, that they may be brought into the light. I know that secret sins can be very heavy on a person, so I ask that You come into these people’s lives and convict them. That way they may be broken and find a need for a Savior. Until this happens, I am afraid that their pride will get in the way. So what we need Lord is an awakening of sin in people’s lives. We need people that are willing to hear Your voice and do something with their lives. Not themselves but allowing Your arms in, that they may be born again. We are incapable of living a good life that pleases You on our own and need Your armor to help us. Come and build us up today that we may withstand the temptation of the evil one. Bring us out of every evil situation that we may become stronger each time to resist. And when we fall, please help get right back up and confess our sins. This way, those that are hurt will find peace and we will find mercy. You can see everything in our lives Lord, so today, we give it all You. Anything that is unworthy, take it from us, that we may live uprightly in Your site. May Your love overflow inside of us and into everyone we meet. This we pray Lord, in this Holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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