Today’s Prayer (02/03/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will not only say they have faith and know You but to also be known by You. It is one thing to proclaim a knowledge of You, Jesus, and another to be truly known and have a relationship with You. And Your Word makes it clear that keeping Your commandments is how we truly know You and even love You. There is truth is in us, when we do Your will. Thank You for teaching us these things and helping us know what to do in this life. I know that my own desires deceive me but Your guidance and direction helps me every day of my life. Never do I want to go back in time and simply say I believe in You and, therefore, lie to myself therein. I was so lost then and I know that on judgement day, I would have been held accountable for not knowing Your will and, therefore, disobeying it. Thank You for changing me, so that that did not have to happen. Because of this, I pray that Your commandments will ever be on my mind and on my heart. Also, help everyone that is in the faith know that true devotion is to listen and obey You. Now, this may have appeared hard in the beginning, before I was saved, but now Your laws and commands are a delight to me. I love every commandment. I love every piece of wisdom and guidance for my life. Your words are what I long for and need to go onward in faith. I do these things is because I love You Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. To You, I give all the praise and glory. I lift You up high. Amen.
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