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Author: Paul Gee

My life is dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus to the world. I love the Lord and want everyone to feel the same love. I would feel awful if I kept His joy to myself. For this I write daily devotionals to lead people to Christ. Jesus is the anchor of my soul.
Oh Lord, I pray that the Holy Spirit will come into people's lives. May every wicked part of them now be removed in Your holy Name. It is so important to believe in and follow You, so I pray that people will decide to do this with their whole heart and not just a piece of it. There must be a desire to walk with You and talk with You and not just hearsay. Truly, I have experienced this new walk with You and I am so much happy. I just wish that more people would wake up to their sins and realize how far gone they really are, before it is too late. We need more people that have confessed their sins to You, Jesus, and are now walking on Your righteous path. Surely, we need people that are happy to change their lives for You, and not the opposite. Do people not realize that when they things back from You, and do things of the world that are wicked, that they are denying themselves to be forgiven? Your mercy is free to everyone that comes unto You, but they must make that choice to let things go. So Lord, give people an urgency to repent of whatever is holding them back now , that they may be used for Your kingdom. There are so many good people that are lost and could be used right now, if they would just realize the type of sinful lifestyle they are in. It is my prayer that people understand that their bodies are Your temples and also live that way. Then, will Your Holy Spirit take over their lives, that Your light will begin to shine forth in the darkness. I trust in You, God. Your ways are higher and by following You, there is salvation. Salvation does not come from this world, but in Your hands, Jesus. Therefore, do I run to You daily in prayer and reading Your Words in the Bible. I want more of You and less of me. Take everything that I am. I love You. Amen.
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1 Corinthians 3:16-18 (KJV)
16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.
18 Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

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Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to understand how dark and evil these video games that kill people, Halloween, and horror movies are. Surely, by partaking in these things are they inviting Satan in their lives and not You. While they walk in darkness, they are only inviting evil Spirits to take them over. Therefore, people that are partakers of such things need Your deliverance. May they turn from their wicked ways and repent in Your holy Name, Jesus. You have the power to wake them up from their slumber, that they may start doing things that are pleasing in Your sight. Help these people find salvation and a way out of the wicked lifestyle that they made for themselves. You are our good shepherd and I pray that people will hear Your voice and come unto You. I know that every person that is Your elect will hear You and follow You. They will no longer care for things that are dark in nature, or having anything that has killing involved with it. Instead, they will put these things away, once and for all, and go all in for You, Jesus. I pray that we will no longer fellowship with those in darkness and not participate in going out to horror movies and haunted houses. You are able to give us courage to resist such invitation, and instead stand up for Your cause. And when Halloween comes, our desires will only be to witness to the lost and no longer participate with those people in darkness. I love You more than all things Lord. Thank You for showing me the way and leading me from darkness and into Your light. It is my prayer now that I may have more You in my life and less of me. Cast out any sin in my life and others that grieve the Spirit and cause us to walk away from You. I love You Lord. Rescue others that are ready now, as You have rescued me. Amen.
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Ephesians 5:9-11 (KJV)
9 (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)
10 Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.
11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

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Oh Lord, I pray that people will desire to learn follow You, by reading the Bible daily and praying to You often. It is one thing to know what the world teaches, but to follow those things is another. We need to be vigilant in knowing what is right and what is wrong, by way of what You have taught us, that we may walk in Your righteous path. Otherwise, we will only gain the wisdom of man and ultimately do things that You hate. I know this to be true, for I was once far from You and full of pride. In my sinful state did I think that I could just get away with my sins. I thought that what I was doing was pleasing to the flesh and if I was wrong, I could just repent later. How foolish I had become. Surely, because of sexual sin, my desire to know You was given over to pornography and adultery instead. And that was not doing any good for me, but harmful to my self-worth and my marriage. You saw me in this wicked state and wished that I would return to You, but my eyes and ears were turned form You. It was my flesh that was getting in the way of being saved. However, when all these things started crashing down on me, I knew that You had given me another chance. People may not trust me for a while, because of what I had done, but I knew that You could. In prayer, I came to You in my brokenness and You heard my cries. I was so sorry for everything I had done and wished to be forgiven. I wanted to start over and be cleansed from all my sins, and You did it. You had mercy upon my soul that day and put me on the right path. I was so foolish in my thinking, but now I am wise in Your ways, oh Lord. Thank You for Your compassion for a sinner like me. I can never repay what You did for me, but stand up for You as a witness. I love You. Amen.
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Oh Lord, I want You to know how much I love You. You have been so good to me, as to come to my needs and save me from my sins. I know that I am not perfect, but strive to live in Your righteousness, each day. When I slip into sin, it hurts me so much, that I broke Your laws and have sinned against You. Thank You for hearing prayers in these times and others and having had mercy upon my soul. I wish to always be faithful to You, but I know that the flesh is weak. Therefore, I plead for Your armor to take over my life. Forgive me when I am out of line and draw near unto You again for mercy. I know that You are the Messiah, which came into the world and sacrificed Yourself on the cross. You paid the ultimate price for sins, that we could never accomplish on our own. You freely took upon sin, so that we don't have to suffer for our sins in judgement. Thank You Lord. Thank You for freeing me my bondage, that I am no longer a slave to sin. Because of You, I have hope for this life and the next. There are still trials I have to face, but as I endure in this faith I know that all things will work out for my good. Lord, I wish that for the remaining days of my life, that I will be a viable witness for You. I wish that people would hear the gospel and come to You for salvation. I know that I am not always the best speaker, but You are able to take my weaknesses and make them strong. Surely, when You take over and start speaking through me, people are taught the truth and also convicted of their sins. May they these people turn from their sins and unto You, oh God. You are our redeemer and I trust in You. I love You Lord. Thank You for everything You do for me and through my life, for the good of others. Amen.
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