Today’s Prayer (11/14/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will stop playing around with their lives, but get right with You today. Our life is short and it is better to be ready now, then wait another day to repent. For I know that You are always waiting for us to turn to You, that we may experience Your mercy and be forgiven. Only You could lead us on a better path, which leads to heaven. Your ways are higher than our own desires, and I pray that we will start seeking Your hand, not only daily, but all throughout the day. Then, will we stop falling for the temptations of the evil one. Lord, lead us apart from the darkness of this world and into Your light. Give us clean hands and a pure heart. Take ever lie from our hearts, that we may be rid of the guilt, once and for all. And every person that we have hurt, because of it, may we tell those people sorry. Only You can help make right the wrongs in our lives, while also directing our paths on how to do the same with people that we offended. There is room for forgiveness and mercy for our fellow men, and if we have hurt others, may these same people that were offended also forgive us, as You are gracious to forgive also. Help them see that we are sorry and were wrong. Therefore, we came to You for forgiveness and now ask for others to forgive us. Yes, Lord, I pray for healing to occur in my life and other people’s lives that are broken right now. Bring a restoration of peace and joy, once again in all our lives. I believe in You, Lord. I trust in You. All the praise and glory to Your holy Name. I love You. Amen.

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