Today’s Prayer (07/21/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that your people will desire to be delivered from the hands of the enemy. I know that many of them have been living a sinful lifestyle for a while now, but there is still time for them. May their desires to confess their sins and pray come to life like never before, before it is too late. I that that the temptations of the devil is real and is killing too many lives. The devil almost had me, Lord, if You had not kicked Him to the curb for me. Thank you Jesus. I am now under Your care, because of Your great love for me. Thank you for Your mercy God. So I ask Lord, to lead us all out of temptation. Every hour are we in trouble, if Your presence is not with us. As I do not wish to go to hell, but heaven and be a part of Your kingdom forever, I wish the same for every person. Every lost soul is precious and I wish that they would wake up to know You Lord. I know that many of these people are Your sheep, therefore, I pray that You will use me to find them. It is my desire to lead them out of darkness and into Your light. Use me and other evangelists to reach these lost souls with the gospel. Though they are under chains of darkness, right now in their lives, I know that You have the power to deliver them. May they hear Your voice, as You call them safely home. We are only Your mouth piece and when we speak, Your words are what convict peoples’ hearts and not our own. Therefore, we need more of You, Jesus and less of us. You are our good Shepherd and I pray that people will understand this and be drawn to You I love You Lord. In Your Name I trust. Amen.
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