Today’s Prayer (07/31/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that I and other Christians will abide in Your presence at all times. There is so much darkness in this world, and I do wish to be walking in it also. As You are light, help me walk under Your guidance and direction. Only then, will I encounter Your light in my life on a daily basis. I am also grateful for my friends in the faith. Fellowshipping with them on a weekly basis has strengthened my faith and relationship with You. I only wish to do Your will now. Cleanse me of all my sins. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/30/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all be ready before our death and or Your Second Coming. Each one of us will come before You in judgment, although only a few will be saved. Therefore, I pray that people who are undecided will make a decision to follow You. That they will not procrastinate what they know is right in their hearts. I wish I could get up upon the housetops and preach that You are coming and will be our judge come death. However, I know that this will only incite fear and cause people to think I am crazy. Laughers and scoffers have been around from generation to generation when it comes to Your coming, Lord. Though I believe that You will be here before we know it, many people still think that they can live their own lives and then repent later. Others are even more extreme and will say that when they die, they will just reincarnate or not exist, so they are good to go. If people just knew the outcome of their lives come judgment day. I may have escaped Your wrath by repenting and turning to You in my sins, but others will not be so fortunate. Therefore, I pray that many more souls will be saved before Your great and dreadful day. It will be wonderful to me and other true believers, but absolutely terrible for the wicked. I believe in You, Lord. You are my God and I will follow You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/29/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that many people will be drawn to You before this life is done for them. Judgment day is coming and I want people to be ready. I can see that many people who are in false religions/cults, can still be saved. If more people would simply be outspoken and bold for Your kingdom, we could reach them with the true gospel message of the cross and resurrection. Your salvation is real and people can come out of false religions and into a saving relationship with You. It is sad to know that many people who leave what is false behind become atheists. I wish that was not the case, but as they were on the path to destruction while under false beliefs, they continue this way in their unbelief. Lord, I know that You are able to show Yourself to these people in visions, dreams, and through people, but they must be open to You first. I wish that more people would join me in these efforts of bringing the gospel to every person in this world. Surely, nobody is a lost cause, for You love everyone the same. You are so patient and merciful to us, though we don’t always deserve it. Lord, be with me in this hour and the days ahead of me. Open my mouth and give me words to speak. I am Your disciple and wish to lead many more souls to You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will use me mightily for Your kingdom. Build up my faith daily through the Holy Spirit. Give me characteristics that come from the Spirit, even traits like virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, kindness, and charity in my life. There have been times that this type of lifestyle was who I was. I continued in them daily. What I need help with now is to have patience, kindness, and charity. I need to be more aware of people and their needs like I once was before. When I am less into myself and into others, their ways are more important. I am able to minister to people the way You would on earth. Lord, it is true that I seek You daily, but know that I am not perfect. I have said things I should not say to people while getting impatient with them. I am sorry and also hope and pray that these same people will accept my apology. I have learned that I can never win anybody to You if the Spirit is not in me. Therefore, I pray that it will abound and that I will not keep myself distant from You. So many things in this life try to take precedence over You, and I pray that through Your strength in me, I will be led away from every evil and wicked temptation. Nothing is more important than knowing You and being led by Your mighty hand. I love You more than anything this flesh desires. You are my God and I worship You. Keep an eye on me, Lord. Help me endure life’s trials. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/27/2021)

Oh Lord, my God, and my King, I bow down before You. Humbly, do I seek Your hand, that Your wisdom will pour into my life. I’ve cast off all my pride at Your feet, that You may use me for Your kingdom. With you in my life, there is no more darkness but only light. So make Your presence known to me each and every day that I am alive. As You give me breath, lead me also in Your ways. Help me to not veer to the left or right of You, but continue walking straightway with You. With You on my side, I can do all things and not give in to temptation. I am amazed that Your grace is for me, after all I have done. You are so patient and forgiving. Though my sins were great in the past, You have wiped my slate clean. Wow! I don’t deserve Your mercy and grace, but still, You love me. Thank You! Though my life is short, I will serve You, Lord. Have Your way in my life. My whole desire is to hear Your voice and do as You say. As for what is happening this week, I know a hiking trip is coming up. And even in the woods, God, I pray that I will not be shy to share the gospel with people I meet. Especially with the family I am with will I open my mouth for Your sake. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/26/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will give me the strength to overcome the trials and tribulations in this life. I have experienced persecution while witnessing on the streets. I still remember the day when a man came up to me and Zechariah and told us he was going to kill us if we continued preaching. It was at this moment that I prayed and his friend came between us and him. He stopped him from pulling a gun and going forth with his wicked plans. He was outraged in his drunkenness, but still, You heard my cries and gave me peace. We knew we had to leave and left as fast as we could. Lord, that day seems like yesterday, although it has been a few years now. Since that time, I have suffered from nose and throat issues, where I am constantly feeling congested and needing to clear my throat. This is very painful at times, where I often have a hard dealing with it. Only You have comforted me while I am sick. Drugs have not helped, but only Your love and peace. These many years, I have gone through financial issues that almost ruined my family, but You stepped in and made everything better. I have seen my mom, my dad, and others pass away, which has broken my heart. Lord, I know that this life is hard, but in the next, it is worth it. Therefore, I am not ashamed of the faith I have in You. I will love You until the end. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/25/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help me stay clean, that I may not tarnish my relationship with you again. I know there have been times in my life where I have not heard You for some time because of my sins and I am so sorry. Forgive me for giving into temptation, when I should have cried out to You for help instead. I was weak and You could have given me strength to overcome. I am not able to defend myself on my own. My flesh is weak and will continue to fall unless I have You in my life to help me. Thank You for this week. I have looked to You in faith, not giving into temptation, which is better than last week. And the only reason why it’s been different is because You have been with me all throughout. Although I am alone and my family is far away on vacation, Your presence makes everything better. Thank You, Lord, for Your love for me. You are so patient, loving, kind, merciful, and forgiving. All I need is You in my life and I am happy. Teach me Your ways and I will do them. Lead me by the hand and I will go and do as You say. Truly, in this life, we can either be a vessel for the enemy or You in our lives. As for me, I choose to be Your vessel. Shine Your light in my life. Use me for Your glory. I pray that Your works will be seen through me as it is in heaven. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/24/2021)

Oh Lord, I give my life to You completely. I can say that I have faith, but if I am not living for You, then I am only lying to myself. Take my hands and do a new work in me. The day I was baptized, You filled me up with the Holy Spirit. And the best thing about that day is that You came, Jesus, and dwelled inside of me. Thank You, Lord. I have never been the same since the day I put my trust in You and was baptized. I ask that You watch over me and my family. Keep our eyes fastened upon You. I only wish to be led by the king of glory now. Forgive me of my sins and have mercy upon my soul. I understand that Your eyes are opened to those people who are obedient to You and closed off to the wicked. In saying that, look upon me now. I am no longer distant from You, but desirous to live my whole life for You, God. Yes, Lord. I give my whole life to serve You. Tear out of my life anything that is distracting me and leading me on a path that leads to destruction. Only You can take me where I am today and lead me on Your path of holiness and righteousness. Surely, I am not able to do any of this on my own power. I need You to give me strength. Therefore, I come to You each day to fill me up with Your power. I believe in You, Lord. You are so good to me, God. I trust in You. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/23/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that my life is a representation of my faith in You. I know that if I am simply doing my own things and not what You command, then my faith is dead. This cannot be, for I love You, Lord. I do not wish to remain in any sinful act. This would kill my relationship with You, which I fear the most. Surely, the most terrifying thing I can think of is dying and not being worthy to enter Your rest in heaven. If I willfully sin, this is on the back of my mind each time, of which brings me to my knees in prayer. Lord, I know that the enemy doesn’t want me to be with You in heaven, but to be with everyone else who is disobedient in hell and the lake of fire. Even as I pray, I know that there must be thousands of people dying and going to hell each day, from all across the globe. This really takes my breath away just thinking about this and the pains and torments they must be experiencing. For this reason, I pray that You will always hear my prayers and see my heart for You, God. I may not be perfect, but I wish to serve and do Your will as it is in heaven. If I am not being led by You, then I am alone and will never accomplish things that are meaningful in the next life. I need Your guidance and direction to be happy. Give me wisdom and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I believe in You. I trust in You. You are my God and I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help me do all I can in this life to be with You in the next. I know that everyone will have to go through You in judgment, but my prayer is that I will be able to come to You in all faithfulness when that day comes. You are the only person that can cleanse me in this life, not anything else I can do on my part. That is why I ask that You sanctify me with Your blood. I repent of all my sins and pray that Your mercy is for me. Help me to live differently than what the flesh desires. Give me clean hands and a pure heart. Help me to learn patience, even in times of tribulation. My health has never been great in these many years. I struggle with nose and throat issues that are very excruciating at times. In these struggles, I have prayed for healing, but have not received it for some reason or not. In all this, I don’t You accountable for not healing me or any other person who has prayed over me. If I am not healed until I finally die and go to heaven, praise be to God. This life is hard, but it is better with You in my life. Although I am not healed and am constantly feeling sick, I know that You have not forsaken me. One day, I will leave this mortal body and sit in front of You in judgment. It is my prayer, that on that day, You will welcome me home and take me into Your loving arms. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/21/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that I will never learn to love money more than You. I’ve had many opportunities to better my employment over the years and I am sad to say that some of these decisions have been because of the money I’d gain. And what did I do with the money I earned? For the most part, it was spent on frivolous things that I never really needed. I am so sorry God. Forgive me. Like it says in the Bible, these things didn’t even last over time, where people in need suffered because of my dumb choices. I could have given to them, but I didn’t. Thankfully, I have learned to be more content with my current job. It may not pay as well, but the people are wonderful. I have enough money for the family and to give to people in need. I can share the gospel with co-workers and not be ridiculed because of my beliefs. My employer and co-workers are wonderful. Thank You, God. This employment opportunity was surely governed by You, God. I may have to drive long distances, but it is worth it. You have made me content in my later years. Money is not everything in this life, but enjoying what I do while also making You be a part of it, is the best thing ever. Help me and others to not fall victim to the grips of money. You are greater than all the money in the world. I love You more than what I can gain in this life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will be on our toes in these last days. That we will not be pushovers to the government mandates, especially when it comes to the Covid Vaccine. Thousands of people have already died from this one vaccine and now all across the globe, mandates are happening. It is hard to believe the type of world we are in, God. Truly, the globalists think they can turn things into a communist society and make us believe things are ok. All I know is that the vaccine passport is already here and people are being forced to get the vaccine or lose their job. And this does cause a person to fear, but I know that You are able to help me and others in these dark times. I know in my heart that the vaccine is wrong and am grateful that You have given me this wisdom. Will people hear me out on this matter? Time will tell. All I know, God, is that You have given different people, like me, mouthpieces to declare Your words to the world. Some people may not like what we have to say, but if it comes from You. I will declare it with boldness. I love You more than anything else. People may persecute me and put me in jail, but I will continue to fight for Your cause until my last breath. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/19/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that our hearts will be turned over to You on a daily basis. Surely, it was wonderful as I kneeled down and prayed this morning after my shower. On my knees, I cried out for forgiveness and mercy, and You were there to comfort me. It may take a lot to finally humble ourselves like a child, but I am so grateful that I finally did this today. It was long overdue. It is my prayer that I will fall down each morning in prayer. Life cannot get any worse if I do this, only get better. You know as much as I do, Lord, that I still have a lot to work on. And only You can help me overcome these bad habits and sinful actions. Help me, Lord. Lead me from temptation and into Your glorious light. It is my prayer that every ounce of lust will be removed from my heart, as well as others that read this prayer. Forgive us, Lord. We believe in You. These awful and wicked sins we don’t wish to keep doing, but for them, all be expunged. You can do all things in our lives and others, as we simply seek You daily. I may be alone with my family afar off, but You are still near to me. You have not left me or forsaken me. I love You, Jesus. I want to do Your will above all things, but only You can help me do this. Help me! I trust in You, alone, Lord. In Your mighty Name, Jesus, I pray. Amen and Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/18/2021)

Oh Lord, help us speak the way we ought to speak to one another. May there be no longer curse words that proceed from our mouths. If there is any anger in our hearts, we give it over to You, God, that You might destroy it. This includes our desires to cuss or defame people with our words. These types of words and phrases have become hurtful to me as a believer, as I know that many others feel the same way. Therefore, I pray that people will learn to be respectful to Christians and also learn by their desires to live for You. I know that many people will see You in us over time and also ask why we are different. Why we don’t say or do the things they do. I have seen this in person and am grateful that people I know and love have also come to the saving knowledge of You, Jesus, through seeing our love and devotion to You. I pray that You will light up our lives each day, that many more people will see You in us and glorify the Father. I glory You, God. You are my King. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/17/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray for the willful sinners on earth. Most importantly those people who are involved with the LGBTQ+ movement. Certainly, these people are on the path of destruction, which leads to hellfire and damnation. All I can do is pray for them and hope that one day, I will have the chance to lead a few of them to know You personally. Chances are small that people in this group will come to know You personally, but I still have hope. Even now I have a niece that has turned to homosexuality and it makes me so sad to even know about this. To think that she has changed her name to a boy’s name, where she is a girl is disheartening. Help me, Lord. May I know how to approach her now, when I have these opportunities? I trust that You will give me words to speak. I love her so much as to tell her the truth. You have the power to save her. I believe this. I can still remember her before when things were different. Bless her, Lord, and take her hand. Lead her from the darkness and into your abundant light. I have seen a few different people leave the homosexual movement and become straight. Praise God for these people. They are an example of Your great hand in their life. I just pray that many more people will come out of that evil lifestyle and be saved. I believe in You. I trust in You, Lord. Only You can turn a homosexual straight. All power is in Your hands, not ours. I worship You, my King. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/16/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help us learn to love every person on earth, including our enemies. And help us not to look over the poor without lending a hand to help them. I am often left saddened when I walk down the streets and see nobody stopping to help the homeless with signs. Sure, some of them may use the money we give for drugs or alcohol, but we cannot count them all out because of some. You have taught me this and I am so grateful. The best part about stopping to help the poor and needy is how humble they are to receive the gospel. So I now have time to not only care for their needs but to pray and witness Your truths to them. These experiences are like nothing I’ve ever had before. Surely, they are memories that I will never forget. I wish people could understand the need to stop and also get them some food, water, and even just talk with them for a moment. What I’ve noticed, God, is that often these wonderful people just need another person to talk to and this one act will brighten their whole day. And I believe, God, that You were the one who has made me a cheerful giver. Not just in church, but to people I see in stores and on the streets. I want to live like You did, Jesus. So I pray that the Holy Spirit will be ever with me. May I continue to love as You love. I love You, Lord, and wish to share Your love with all the world. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/15/2021)

Oh Lord, I come to You now for wisdom. You know my circumstances and I need You to help me. Temptations are real and are before me daily. Therefore, I ask that You will lead me far from the enemy. Don’t allow me to fall victim to Satan’s power. With you in my life, He will not prevail again. I trust that with You lifting me up, that I am able to do all things. Nothing can stop me now. You have my back and I am strong. Thank You, God. It is my prayer that You make every form of sin ugly and disgusting in my sight. Help me to rather throw up than go down the path’s darkness. The things of the past, of which held me bound, don’t mean anything to me now. Instead, You mean everything to me. It is my prayer that You build me up with Your armor. I love the words of the Bible, for they are Your words piercing my heart and soul when I read. You do speak to me through Your words and I am so grateful. But the best part is when I can pray. Your presence is amazing and to learn from You as I simply ask things is awesome. I trust in You, Lord. I love You so much, God. Lead me all the days of my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/14/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that myself and others in the faith will remain faithful to You. That we will read what the Bible says and also obey Your teachings. So often do we read what is written, think about it for a while, and then brush it off. Instead of letting Your wisdom sink into our hearts, in order to change us from within, we go forth and continue to do what we’ve always done. I know that this is not Your will for us. Surely, it is very dangerous to think that we are saved when we are not doing as You command us. I know that I have done this countless times and I am sorry. So in this prayer, we come together as believers, but also knowing that we have done You wrong. Please forgive us and have mercy upon us, as sinners. We ask that You will have mercy upon us and lead us from temptation from here on out. We don’t wish to willfully sin against You again. Teach us Your ways and put us on Your righteous and holy path that leads to heaven. We are ready now to serve You, our King. We are ready also to not do things that will hurt our relationship with You, but to do whatever is possible to strengthen it daily. Receive us, oh Lord. Do a work in us that has not been seen before. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/13/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn what it means to get right with You while we still have time. Tomorrow is not promised to anybody. We cannot say that tomorrow will be the day that we will get right with You and repent, for today is the day of our salvation. I pray that this will sink down into people’s hearts and minds. Then, will they listen to Your wise counsel and be moved to live differently. As for me, I love it when You speak to me and show me the way. Without You, I am blind and have no way of finding my way in this darkened world. Therefore, I pray daily that You will take my hand and lead me on the path of righteousness. Chastise me as You will. Rebuke me when I go astray or fall into sin. I know that there are only two paths I can go down. One leading to destruction and hell and the other leading to Your light, which is heaven. Yes, God, scatter the darkness, that only Your light will abound. Even now, I am alone, my wife and kids, being across the country. In this time, I ask that You keep my eyes fixed upon You. Don’t let me deviate from Your path and do things that I will later regret. You can see everything. Nothing is done in secret. My flesh may be weak but is made strong with You in my life. I can do all things because You strengthen me and give me ways to overcome the enemy. Lead me from temptation. Help me endure in the faith, even until the end. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/12/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will have their eyes opened to the things that are happening in the world. That they will not get sucked into something that they will regret in the near future. I have had countless people try to push the COVID vaccination upon me, but since the beginning, You have helped me know that it is wrong. Thank You for revealing this to me and for allowing me to get through to many different people just in the nick of time. Thankfully many people in my workplace have not gotten the vaccine and are against it. This makes sense since we are Christians and rely on You for our guidance and not the government. People fail us in this life, but You never do. We are led astray by countless numbers of people and organizations, but never once by Your hand. Therefore, I pray that I and others will not be led astray again. Give us eyes to see. Help us be wide awake so that we do not do things that we know are wrong. I am grateful that You have opened my eyes to the problems that relate to the COVID Vaccine. It surely changes our DNA and causes issues in people that get it. Lord, I pray for every person who is suffering because of the vaccination. Help my friend Tracee who is experiencing stomach pains. Help those who have developed bell’s palsy and other medical conditions. May they be healed through their faith in You. I love You. I trust in You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I thank You for saving me. I was so lost before You found me. I was heading down the path of destruction, but You caught hold of me just in time. It was as if I was jumping off a cliff and not even realizing it, but You caught hold of me and placed me on Your holy and righteous path which leads to heaven. You are so good, God. How can anyone deny that You are Lord and alive? You speak to me so often when I read the Bible, pray, and do Your will on earth. It is like I am hearing, “well done, keep up the good work, my son”. Thank You, Lord, for trusting in me. I never wish to go behind Your back again and do my own things. I have learned my lesson well when it comes to going after the lusts of the flesh instead of obeying You. Your wrath is real, for this reason, I fear the Lord. Yes, God, I respect and honor You so much as to not go down the same path again which leads to destruction. After this life, I only wish to hear the words in person, “well done, keep up the good work, my son”. Then, I will know that my life was completed as You purposed for my life. I could choose other things that would bode well physically, but all that does nothing for me if I do not have You in the next life. I wish to fulfill every opportunity You have for me. That is why I seek Your wisdom daily. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all come to You with open arms if we have not already. That we will lay down anything that is keeping us from believing in and following You completely. If said things are addictions, bad habits, false beliefs, family traditions, possessions, or money. That we will lay them down at your feet. That we will no longer be tied down to things that don’t matter when we die. Because You died for me, there is hope for this life and the one to come. And because the Holy Spirit is with me now, I am able to do Your will as it is in heaven. Praise be to God for trusting in me, though I have not always been good to You. I give You thanks for Your sacrifice on the cross, of which started off the new covenant with every believer. Because You have died for my sins, I covenant with You, my God, that the laws which You write upon my heart and my mind, I will do. I will not get caught up in my own things but lay them aside for Your glory. And because I now have a map to follow in this life, I am sure to not willfully sin like before. All because You have my hand and will not let me fall. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, God. You got me and I am so grateful. I love You more than anything. I give You praise!. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/09/2021)

Oh Lord, You are God and I worship You. Thank You, Jesus, for coming down to this earth, in order to redeem Your people and the gentiles from their sins. Some people may have a hard time believing that You ended the importance of high priests through Your blood, but the book of Hebrews makes this clearly evident. As the writer suggests, I agree that You are far better than any high priest ever was on earth. Because You brought into the world the new covenant, I don’t have to worry about coming to a priest for confession or for my sins to be forgiven anymore, but You alone. You are our mediator between the Father and us, and I am grateful to come to You now. Do a work in me that You deme important, not myself. Cleanse me of all my sins through Your blood. Remove every dead work from my life, that Your good works will spring forth. I only wish to do Your will, not the desires of the flesh. And God, keep me and my family from harm’s way. Do not let the enemy take us down, but keep us on Your holy and righteous path. Only You are capable of leading me and others from temptation. I need You, Lord, every day of my life. Come and rest awhile with me. Feed me with Your bread that never goes dry. I need a drink from the wells of living water that only You can give me. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor, this day and forever. I trust in You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/08/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all begin to acknowledge You as our high priest and not any person on earth again. Because You fulfilled the old law and ushered in the new covenant, the role of the high priest was over. Their sin offerings were no more, for You are the Lamb of God. I believe what the Bible says when it reads that You came to take away the sins of the world. I look to You, Lord, in faith. No other person can fulfill me as You can. I want more of You and less of me. Have Your way in my life. Do a new thing in me, that others may see the difference You are making. I may do good on earth, but it is only through Your willpower in my life. The truth is that I cannot do anything good on my own. I fail all the time. That is why I pray, God, that You will lead me from temptation. Keep me on Your righteous path. One day, I hope to be with You in heaven. Not just in paradise and on judgment day, but forever with You, the Father, the Holy Spirit, angels, and other believers. What a glorious day that will be. Especially if I would be made worthy in Your sight to enter in. As for my life now, if I am doing anything that goes against Your will, let me know immediately so that I will repent and get right with You. I would never wish to willfully sin, day after day, without knowing. And continue to conform my beliefs to be Yours also. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/07/2021)

Oh Lord, You are so good to us. We are all like the sands of the sea and You still love each one of us. You are such a good God, and I pray that more people will come to know You before they take their last breath on earth. For only You have the power to save us from our sins, even the uttermost on this earth. There are many paths we can take in this life, but only one will lead us to You, God. That is why I would rather put my trust in what the Bible says than anything else. Your words are a lamp unto my feet. They lead me into green pastures where I am safe from the enemy. Because You speak through Your words still, You are able to guide me and give me wisdom. Thank You, Lord. I give You thanks, my King, and my High Priest. Through Your sacrifice on the cross, the need for high priests has ended. Their role came to an end because of the cross. Thank You, God, for taking away the sin offerings and for dying on the cross for me. This sacrifice may have happened over two thousand years ago, but still, it remains forever. Even for all generations will Your sacrifice remain intact. Thank You. You saved a wretch like me and I am so grateful. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/06/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that there will be many more people who receive the gospel and are saved, than those who reject it and go to hell. I am afraid that the majority of people that die are waking up in hell, which is very sad. They had a choice in this life to believe in and follow You, Jesus, but they chose a different path. I wish I could reach these types of people before they take their last breath, and know that You will lead me to many of them still. There are certain people who are anxiously looking to do what is right, so when they hear the good news of the gospel they respond with joy. Praise the Lord. Yes, God, these are people I love to meet on the streets and on social media. Not those who wish to heckle me in the faith. People who like to bring up conversations in order to argue with me are not worth it. Unfortunately, I may be the last people they talk with about Jesus and they denied their chance to be saved. That saddens me to think this. To think, God, that many people have been so close to giving their lives over to You these many years, but something insides of them stood in the way. Yes, their flesh gained control and didn’t wish to give up their worldly lusts for You. Thankfully, there are some who hear about You, Lord, and are saved. Thank You for them. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/05/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will do a work in me that has never been seen before. Cover me with Your blood, that was shed for us on the cross. Sanctify me and cleanse me of all my sins. Have mercy upon me a sinner and forgive me of my sins. I look to You in faith. It is my prayer that You will keep me from harms way. I wish to live for You now and no longer the world. Lead me from temptation. Help me to see the eternal prize at the end of the tunnel. I know that you are preparing a place for those people who believe in You, Jesus, and also do as You say. So I ask, will You also prepare a place for me? Please open Your doors, that I may also be welcomed home one day. I wish to be in a place where I can hear the angels and the saints singing. Where all creation is singing and blessing Your Name, forevermore. I also praise You, Lord, and no one else. I worship You, God. I give You glory. Halleluiah! Thank You for coming into my life and for saving me, Lord. Remember me when I take my last breath on earth. I wish to enter Your rest in paradise. I love You, Lord. You are my God and my Good Shephard. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/04/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that I will remember the Sabbath day each week and keep it holy. I know that I have been lacking when it comes to remembering You in that way and I am sorry. Help me to enter Your rest each week. I know that I was born and raised to believe that I needed to rest on Sunday, but today you have put in my heart to rest on Saturday. That this was the Sabbath day since the times of Moses on Mount Sinai when You gave Him the Ten Commandments. Lord, I am grateful for Your Words in the Bible. If I had not read Hebrews, chapter 4, today I may have kept doing my own things on the Sabbath day instead of keeping it holy. This chapter has opened my eyes to my sins and I am so sorry. I only wish to enter into Your rest now. Help me know exactly what You would have me do on that day, while I give up working and going places where people work. I know that You have said that doing good is welcome on that day, so please help me know what things are good in Your sight as I honor the Sabbath. I trust in You. I honor You. I love You, Lord. I give you everything. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/03/2021)

Oh Lord, help me and others finish the race while in this life. There are so many things that often get into my way and others when it comes to following You completely. And instead of pressing into You while we can in prayer and reading the Bible, we forget these things. And so sin takes us down a dark path, where death takes a hold of us when we are not prepared. This greatly saddens me to think that so many people who were once sold out for You have died in their sins. They had a chance to die and enter Your rest and instead are now suffering in hell. Judgment then awaits those who are in Your rest or in hell, which is only pleasant for the righteous. Lord, I look forward to You calling my name and saying, “well done, thou good and faithful servant”. That is why I look to You each day in the faith. I would never want to hear the words, “depart from me, you worker of iniquity”. Therefore, my heart is open to receive You fully in my life. My heart was once hardened against You in different ways, but that has all been undone. You have come in and rescued a lost soul such as I. Only You could place me on Your righteous and holy path that leads to heaven. I believe in You, Lord. I trust in You above all things. Give me wisdom and guidance and I will do as You say. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/02/2021)

Oh Lord, I love You and am so grateful for Your sacrifice on the cross. Thank You for dying for my sins and for the world also. I am just grateful that I was important in Your eyes, as to die for me. I know that I have not always lived a life pleasing in Your sight. I have done a lot of wicked things that I know that You have been upset about. For this reason, have I confessed my sins over the years, that You may have mercy upon my soul. Even now do I do sinful things that I realize are wrong afterward and pray that You will forgive me. I am not perfect, but pray that I will be shielded from the fiery darts of the enemy. I trust that You have the power to lead me from temptation every time I call upon Your Name. My flesh may be weak on my own right, but I am made strong in Your presence. Keep my eyes fixed upon You, that I may not go astray. I love Your presence and need more of You and the Holy Spirit in my life daily. Nothing I have in the flesh is worth more than my time with You in the Bible, prayer, worship, and in doing Your will. I am so much happier when I have listened to Your guidance and done what You have said. Not only are other people blessed, but I feel overly blessed for what took place. Lord, use me for Your kingdom. I want more of You and less of me. Light up my life, that other people may see You in me. I trust in You, my King. I love You so much, my Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (07/01/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will remember that You are alive, Jesus, and that You are able to answer all our prayers in the times we are living. In the Old Testament times, people didn’t have the luxury of calling upon Your Name for answers. Because You had not come into the world yet, they could only look to a promised Messiah, who would come in the near future. And You did come, Lord, even as a babe to Mary and Joseph. You didn’t come as a king but as a humble servant on earth. I am so amazed by the life You lived and I pray that I may also live like You did. I know that I will never be perfect, but I will continue to strive to live in Your holiness. Abide in me, my Lord, and King. Sup with me a little while, that I may learn from the King of glory. You died for my sins and the sins of this world, and we don’t thank You enough for what You really did for us. But as for me, thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for suffering so much on the cross that I might live and be forgiven. As You now sit on the right hand of the Father, I can see that You are waiting for Your true believers to listen up and follow You. I am Yours, God, please lead me by the hand. Help me throughout my life to know the way and to not be led astray by false teachers and the enemy. I want nothing to do with their evil schemes but what You desire to teach me. I believe in You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.