Today’s Prayer (07/06/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that there will be many more people who receive the gospel and are saved, than those who reject it and go to hell. I am afraid that the majority of people that die are waking up in hell, which is very sad. They had a choice in this life to believe in and follow You, Jesus, but they chose a different path. I wish I could reach these types of people before they take their last breath, and know that You will lead me to many of them still. There are certain people who are anxiously looking to do what is right, so when they hear the good news of the gospel they respond with joy. Praise the Lord. Yes, God, these are people I love to meet on the streets and on social media. Not those who wish to heckle me in the faith. People who like to bring up conversations in order to argue with me are not worth it. Unfortunately, I may be the last people they talk with about Jesus and they denied their chance to be saved. That saddens me to think this. To think, God, that many people have been so close to giving their lives over to You these many years, but something insides of them stood in the way. Yes, their flesh gained control and didn’t wish to give up their worldly lusts for You. Thankfully, there are some who hear about You, Lord, and are saved. Thank You for them. I love You. Amen.
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