Today’s Prayer (07/17/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray for the willful sinners on earth. Most importantly those people who are involved with the LGBTQ+ movement. Certainly, these people are on the path of destruction, which leads to hellfire and damnation. All I can do is pray for them and hope that one day, I will have the chance to lead a few of them to know You personally. Chances are small that people in this group will come to know You personally, but I still have hope. Even now I have a niece that has turned to homosexuality and it makes me so sad to even know about this. To think that she has changed her name to a boy’s name, where she is a girl is disheartening. Help me, Lord. May I know how to approach her now, when I have these opportunities? I trust that You will give me words to speak. I love her so much as to tell her the truth. You have the power to save her. I believe this. I can still remember her before when things were different. Bless her, Lord, and take her hand. Lead her from the darkness and into your abundant light. I have seen a few different people leave the homosexual movement and become straight. Praise God for these people. They are an example of Your great hand in their life. I just pray that many more people will come out of that evil lifestyle and be saved. I believe in You. I trust in You, Lord. Only You can turn a homosexual straight. All power is in Your hands, not ours. I worship You, my King. Amen.

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