Today’s Prayer (07/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will use me mightily for Your kingdom. Build up my faith daily through the Holy Spirit. Give me characteristics that come from the Spirit, even traits like virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, kindness, and charity in my life. There have been times that this type of lifestyle was who I was. I continued in them daily. What I need help with now is to have patience, kindness, and charity. I need to be more aware of people and their needs like I once was before. When I am less into myself and into others, their ways are more important. I am able to minister to people the way You would on earth. Lord, it is true that I seek You daily, but know that I am not perfect. I have said things I should not say to people while getting impatient with them. I am sorry and also hope and pray that these same people will accept my apology. I have learned that I can never win anybody to You if the Spirit is not in me. Therefore, I pray that it will abound and that I will not keep myself distant from You. So many things in this life try to take precedence over You, and I pray that through Your strength in me, I will be led away from every evil and wicked temptation. Nothing is more important than knowing You and being led by Your mighty hand. I love You more than anything this flesh desires. You are my God and I worship You. Keep an eye on me, Lord. Help me endure life’s trials. I love You, God. Amen.
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