Today’s Prayer (07/18/2021)

Oh Lord, help us speak the way we ought to speak to one another. May there be no longer curse words that proceed from our mouths. If there is any anger in our hearts, we give it over to You, God, that You might destroy it. This includes our desires to cuss or defame people with our words. These types of words and phrases have become hurtful to me as a believer, as I know that many others feel the same way. Therefore, I pray that people will learn to be respectful to Christians and also learn by their desires to live for You. I know that many people will see You in us over time and also ask why we are different. Why we don’t say or do the things they do. I have seen this in person and am grateful that people I know and love have also come to the saving knowledge of You, Jesus, through seeing our love and devotion to You. I pray that You will light up our lives each day, that many more people will see You in us and glorify the Father. I glory You, God. You are my King. Amen.

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