Today’s Prayer (07/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I thank You for saving me. I was so lost before You found me. I was heading down the path of destruction, but You caught hold of me just in time. It was as if I was jumping off a cliff and not even realizing it, but You caught hold of me and placed me on Your holy and righteous path which leads to heaven. You are so good, God. How can anyone deny that You are Lord and alive? You speak to me so often when I read the Bible, pray, and do Your will on earth. It is like I am hearing, “well done, keep up the good work, my son”. Thank You, Lord, for trusting in me. I never wish to go behind Your back again and do my own things. I have learned my lesson well when it comes to going after the lusts of the flesh instead of obeying You. Your wrath is real, for this reason, I fear the Lord. Yes, God, I respect and honor You so much as to not go down the same path again which leads to destruction. After this life, I only wish to hear the words in person, “well done, keep up the good work, my son”. Then, I will know that my life was completed as You purposed for my life. I could choose other things that would bode well physically, but all that does nothing for me if I do not have You in the next life. I wish to fulfill every opportunity You have for me. That is why I seek Your wisdom daily. I love You. Amen.
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