Today’s Prayer (07/15/2021)

Oh Lord, I come to You now for wisdom. You know my circumstances and I need You to help me. Temptations are real and are before me daily. Therefore, I ask that You will lead me far from the enemy. Don’t allow me to fall victim to Satan’s power. With you in my life, He will not prevail again. I trust that with You lifting me up, that I am able to do all things. Nothing can stop me now. You have my back and I am strong. Thank You, God. It is my prayer that You make every form of sin ugly and disgusting in my sight. Help me to rather throw up than go down the path’s darkness. The things of the past, of which held me bound, don’t mean anything to me now. Instead, You mean everything to me. It is my prayer that You build me up with Your armor. I love the words of the Bible, for they are Your words piercing my heart and soul when I read. You do speak to me through Your words and I am so grateful. But the best part is when I can pray. Your presence is amazing and to learn from You as I simply ask things is awesome. I trust in You, Lord. I love You so much, God. Lead me all the days of my life. Amen.
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