Today’s Prayer (07/04/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that I will remember the Sabbath day each week and keep it holy. I know that I have been lacking when it comes to remembering You in that way and I am sorry. Help me to enter Your rest each week. I know that I was born and raised to believe that I needed to rest on Sunday, but today you have put in my heart to rest on Saturday. That this was the Sabbath day since the times of Moses on Mount Sinai when You gave Him the Ten Commandments. Lord, I am grateful for Your Words in the Bible. If I had not read Hebrews, chapter 4, today I may have kept doing my own things on the Sabbath day instead of keeping it holy. This chapter has opened my eyes to my sins and I am so sorry. I only wish to enter into Your rest now. Help me know exactly what You would have me do on that day, while I give up working and going places where people work. I know that You have said that doing good is welcome on that day, so please help me know what things are good in Your sight as I honor the Sabbath. I trust in You. I honor You. I love You, Lord. I give you everything. Amen.

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