Today’s Prayer (07/09/2021)

Oh Lord, You are God and I worship You. Thank You, Jesus, for coming down to this earth, in order to redeem Your people and the gentiles from their sins. Some people may have a hard time believing that You ended the importance of high priests through Your blood, but the book of Hebrews makes this clearly evident. As the writer suggests, I agree that You are far better than any high priest ever was on earth. Because You brought into the world the new covenant, I don’t have to worry about coming to a priest for confession or for my sins to be forgiven anymore, but You alone. You are our mediator between the Father and us, and I am grateful to come to You now. Do a work in me that You deme important, not myself. Cleanse me of all my sins through Your blood. Remove every dead work from my life, that Your good works will spring forth. I only wish to do Your will, not the desires of the flesh. And God, keep me and my family from harm’s way. Do not let the enemy take us down, but keep us on Your holy and righteous path. Only You are capable of leading me and others from temptation. I need You, Lord, every day of my life. Come and rest awhile with me. Feed me with Your bread that never goes dry. I need a drink from the wells of living water that only You can give me. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor, this day and forever. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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  1. Amen. We may find that in a Protestant Church service the Presbyter may offer us the chance to repent from our sins but we don’t repent to the Presbyter nor do we tell the Presbyter what sins we are repenting of – we are simply invited to repent to Jesus at the time of the service. This is much different from a Faith that wants a person to repent to a Priest, Bishop, etc. In a Protestant Church we are also not given any type of penance from a Presbyter, Bishop, etc.


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