Today’s Prayer (07/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all come to You with open arms if we have not already. That we will lay down anything that is keeping us from believing in and following You completely. If said things are addictions, bad habits, false beliefs, family traditions, possessions, or money. That we will lay them down at your feet. That we will no longer be tied down to things that don’t matter when we die. Because You died for me, there is hope for this life and the one to come. And because the Holy Spirit is with me now, I am able to do Your will as it is in heaven. Praise be to God for trusting in me, though I have not always been good to You. I give You thanks for Your sacrifice on the cross, of which started off the new covenant with every believer. Because You have died for my sins, I covenant with You, my God, that the laws which You write upon my heart and my mind, I will do. I will not get caught up in my own things but lay them aside for Your glory. And because I now have a map to follow in this life, I am sure to not willfully sin like before. All because You have my hand and will not let me fall. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, God. You got me and I am so grateful. I love You more than anything. I give You praise!. Amen.

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