Today’s Prayer (11/16/2021)

Oh Lord, I know that not everything You ask of me is easy by any means. There are times that my faith is put to the test, but I am so grateful that You test me in this way. It helps me ponder upon my life and if I am really living for You or not. Surely, my ways are far from perfect, although I have learned to love Your ways. This love just doesn’t always translate into me doing your will each day and I am sorry. I wish I could be like this, but my flesh is weak and I need You to be the shield at all times in my life in order to not fall. So I ask that You come and protect me, God. You are my fortress and my high tower. Only You can lead me far from temptation that I may run from sin and into Your loving arms instead. Please help me to not be bombarded by evil thoughts of things I’ve done and seen from the past. It is my will that these things are removed from my mind and conscience once and for all. I want to do Your will, but these distractions cause me to drift from You. So Lord, come and heal me both body and soul. Give unto me a clean and pure heart. I love You more than anything this world will give me. I trust in You. Do a work in me that has never been seen before. I believe this will happen. Amen.
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