Today’s Prayer (11/30/2021)

Oh Lord, help us to forgive others as You forgive us. So often we want Your forgiveness but are unable to do the same with others. This is so sad, for so many people are missing out on Your forgiveness in their lives. As You have said, Jesus, we cannot obtain the Father’s forgiveness if we don’t forgive one another. Thank You for this teaching. In our arrogance, we think often think that we can just move on without forgiving people. However, in doing this, we are telling You also to move along and not forgive us. I would not wish this on anyone, especially if they died in their sins. Lord, I do not wish to know of people who were once Christian, but then died without Your forgiveness because of their own unforgiveness in their hearts. This would mean waking up in hell when they die, and I am afraid that many people like this are there now. So all I ask is that people like this will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to forgive any person who has not been forgiven yet. Tear down the walls of bitterness and anger in their hearts. Give them over to peace that comes after forgiving people. There is a huge load that is lifted when this happens. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I will follow You till the end of time. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/29/2021)

Oh Lord, I hope You know that I love you. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of when I go to sleep. I don’t need the wisdom of man to find answers, but the wisdom of God alone. Lord, I need You every hour. I am lost without You by my side. Lead and guide me as You would see fit. Remove any obstacle in my life that is holding me back from being blessed by Your might hand. Nothing the world can offer me is greater than what You have to offer. I have tasted and seen that there are pains in this life and many hurdles to jump over. I can either do this alone or with my God, who will never let me down. I have family on earth, even a wife and kids, but they cannot do what You can do in my life. Your power is above anything that we can even conceive. I just pray that You will have mercy upon me for all the wicked things I have done. Forgive me, Lord. If Your grace has fallen upon me now, sanctify me through Your blood, Jesus. Give me clean hands and a pure heart. Raise me up in newness of life to serve You completely. I am ready. I love You, Lord. I trust in You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful that You are still speaking to me after all these many years. For most of my life, I did my own thing and disregarded Your will. I was so far from You for many different reasons. There were false beliefs baked inside of me because of the church I was going to and I was also living in willful sin. Thankfully, I found the issues in Mormonism and left it behind in 2012. But that wasn’t all I needed to do. The moment I left, I needed to finish repenting for all my sins. You heard me those many nights when I cried myself to sleep asking You for forgiveness, and to help me understand Your will. Thankfully, You came into my life like a fire and didn’t leave me behind. I still remember that night when I was praying and Your presence came over me. You hugged me and made me clean from the inside out. I was spotted with all kinds of sin, but that night You sanctified me through Your blood, Jesus, and made me whole. You are my deliverer! Since that day, I have been listening to Your voice. Not just to hear You, but to obey You. Those moments of surrender and doing as You say have been the best experiences in my life. I love You, Lord. I trust in You above all else. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/27/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help every woman who is suffering right now because of a miscarriage or having no children in general. Give them strength, oh Lord. Help them understand the reasons why they are going through these hard times. Through You, God, we can find rest for our weary souls. You take us where we are and fill us up with peace. Sweet serenity filled with joy and love. You are the giver of life and also the giver of all things that are harmonious for our lives. You are always looking out for us, although at times it doesn’t seem this way. I have felt Your love and what the world offers does not compare. You are so good, God. Your mercy, love, joy, and peace endures forever. The answers to life’s questions come from You also. This is especially true when we feel like there is nowhere else to go. You open the doors for us and fill our minds with wisdom. Sometimes it is only a prompting through the Holy Spirit, but by acknowledging it and following You, I have always been at peace afterward. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I worship You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/26/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help us know Your ways, that we may stop believing in every false way. Correct us in the things we are doing wrong, as well as the things we are wrongfully believing in. It really rubs me wrong when people justify earlier acts of polygamy in their cult based off of stories from Jacob and other people in the Bible. What this tells me is that these people are not reading chapter by chapter in the Bible, but simply picking and choosing verses to suit their false beliefs. Since the beginning of time, there have been people groups that have strayed so far from You because of their own desires of the flesh. This is known based on history and even now in our society. Unfortunately, reasoning with people who are already so deep into their false beliefs, it is so hard to get through to them. Only You can help me and others speak the truth of God to people who are being led astray. You have done this with me, while pulling me out of Mormonism and I am so grateful. Thank You for removing me from a path that leads to destruction and onto a path that leads to heaven. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/25/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for saving my soul. I was so lost before You found me. I had many things going for my life that the world would deem as good, but none of it had You at the head. And so I became lost in my sins for many years of my life. There was no escape from the torments of the enemy. However, this all changed the moment that I gave You my life. I can still remember that day like it was today. In my tears did I cry out to You in all my confessions. I said, Lord, if You don’t wish to forgive me, I will understand. Just know that I am sorry for the things I am done and hope that one day You will have mercy upon my soul. Tears were streaming down my face as I mentioned how much I hated the things I had done and wished that You would change me. Little did I know that You were just waiting to know that I was sincere in my confessions. I will never forget that day. It was like You put Your arms around me and I felt so much warmth, joy, love, and peace. Still to this day are You for me. You have not forsaken me. Truly, Your mercy endures forever. I love You, Lord. Be with me this day and forevermore. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/24/2021)

Oh Lord, I give You thanks. Thank You, Lord, for my beautiful wife and my two daughters. You are the only one, God, that put this in motion and allowed me to have such a wonderful family. Thank You for my job and my wife’s also. There are no financial burdens for my family because of You. You have made it so that we have food on the table each day, a home to sleep in, and a car to drive. Thank You for making all this possible and much more. You have given us an immune system to fight COVID and other illnesses. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord, for all that You do for me. I am unworthy of your blessings in my life, but Your mercy allows them to flow like rain. You have heard my cries and forgiven me of all my sins. Thank You, Jesus. The least I can do is sing out in praise to Your holy Name. I extol the Lord, for You are good. Your mercy endures forever. The truth is, I want more of You in my life and less of my own desires. Conform my ways into Your ways. Keep my eyes fixed on heaven, that I might not deviate from the path of righteousness and into worldly things. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/23/2021)

Lord, come and be among us now. We are here and await Your awesome presence to come and stir us up to know You more. Open up the heavens and give us wisdom. Fill us up and guide us on the path that leads to heaven. I don’t want to be left behind when the rapture comes, but be in Your presence, among the angels and all other believers. If I am not around then, then wake me up to be a part of the first resurrection. Where I will be able to rule with You, oh Lord, during the millennial reign. In my last breath will there be praises to You, Lord, and King. Everyone will know how much I loved You among all else on earth. I worship You, Jesus. When that day comes and I close my eyes for the last time, I pray that I will wake in a state of peace and joy. While in paradise, will I see the angels and You also, my King, like Jacob did in his vision. Thankfully, it won’t have to end, and I will be with You for all eternity in heaven. Where You are, I wish to be also. Lead me to Your heavenly home. I believe in You. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all grow in the knowledge of You, Jesus. And not just knowledge, but a deep heartfelt relationship with You. I know that for many years I have missed out on having You in my day-to-day life and I am sorry. Other things were more important. Thankfully, You didn’t give up on me, nor desert me, although I deserved it. I keep coming back to You and You keep accepting me in open arms. Thank You, Lord. Do I deserve to be saved? No. But nor do the many others that have repented of their wickedness and came to You also. I just pray that You will use me for Your kingdom. And not just how I have served You in the past and even now, but more so in Your perfect will. Lord, keep me in Your arms of mercy, that when the enemy comes, I do not fall. Lead me from temptation. I love You more than what the world offers me. Take every ounce of greed, covetousness, and lust that remains in my heart. I don’t want those wicked things or thoughts in my life, but Your holiness. I choose to follow You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/21/2021)

Oh Lord, help us to stay strong in the faith and to not fold in sticky situations that we fall in. It is so easy just to lie our way out of a specific situation, but the guilt is never worth it. I know the times that I have lied about something on a job, it always caught up to me at a later point. And then the guilt really kicked in when my boss asked me why I lied and didn’t tell the truth. This was so terrible, as with what happened with my wife. Lord, You know the things I kept from her for many years before I was saved. But then it all blew up in my face when she finally found out. In tears did I then unfold upon her the sinful life I was leading. Thankfully, this was before I committed my life to You, Jesus. It was shortly after this time that I decided I needed You to save me, Lord. But if You couldn’t save a wretch like me, I would have understood also. Oh, the patience and goodness that You have in Your heart towards people who repent of their sins and come unto You. I was like unto the prodigal son who had gone astray, but then You took me in with open arms. I love You, Lord. I give You everything that I am. Lead me all my days. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will not only help me but many other Christians this day. Help us to stay focused on the prize at the end of this life. Nothing can compete with what we can obtain in heaven. Things can appear better on paper, especially when the lusts of the flesh are intrigued. However, there is always regret after falling into sin. No matter how good things feel in the moment, it is not worth the shame that comes later. Especially when I know that I have hurt You, God, in a way that I cannot go back and change. The moment I realize that I have quenched the Spirit is when I know that it will be a journey getting Your respect back. Truly, a relationship with You, Lord, is more important than anything this world can offer me. I have learned this over time and I pray that other people will understand this before it is too late. To know You and to have You know us is what really matters in this life. Thank You for my beautiful wife and two daughters. You have blessed me in ways that I wish I could repay You. But what I am most grateful for is Your salvation because of Your death on the cross and resurrection. Your blood, Jesus, has covered me and forgiven me of all my sins. And now I will rise with You in the first resurrection. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/19/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will lead more and more Mormons out of their cult. Help them find real peace that only comes from You, Jesus, and not religion. As for me, I am so happy that You found me and led me to real truth. It took time for me to distinguish between the doctrines of men and Your doctrines, but it was worth it in the end. You saved a wretch like me who was born and raised in the Mormon religion. I had no way out of it, as I was very strong in that faith for most of my life. Surely, what I thought was true was so false. If anybody would have told me this when I was younger, especially while on a mission, I would have debated with them. I was sold out to a religion that did not save me, but it made me happy so that is what mattered. What I didn’t realize is that this happiness was all superficial and never could last. I tried to make it last, but it never did. It faded just like storms do. I would think I was led by You one moment and then realize I was going in the wrong direction. There was never a lighthouse that I could stay on course with. Thankfully, my heart was open to change. I needed You, God, in my life, and that is what saved me. I always tell people that many people in Mormonism are on the verge of being saved. Praise God for this. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/18/2021)

Oh Lord, I know that You do exist. This is true by the way You have spoken to me over these many years. You have kept me on the path of righteousness, of which I can never do on my own. In my heart and mind, I know very well what the flesh desires because of the many temptations from the devil. However, when I call upon Your Name, I am always given an answer that is best for my life. And best of all, You are the one who gives me strength to overcome the power of the enemy. The things of this life do not compare to the treasures I have with You, God. Not everybody is capable of knowing what I am talking about, but those who are born again do. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we live in harmony with Your will on earth. There are times that we do fall into sin, but because we have learned to hate even the appearance of evil, those things are prayed about immediately, lest we fall back into doing them again. Thank You, God, for giving us the power to break the chains of darkness. I know how the enemy would like to keep me in His grips, but You are always able to make a way to escape. I love You, Lord. Lead me this day and forever. All my days, do I need Your constant presence in my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/17/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person who is going through a loss in their family through death. Life is like a vapor. We are here one day and gone the next. As I say this now, I know that people will be saying this about me one day when I die. But I know where I will go come death. Because I love and honor You in this life, I will be in paradise when I die. I will be free from all the pain and sorrow that comes from this life. You are the maker of all things good and I can’t wait to one day be with You, God, for all eternity in heaven. I especially pray for my wife and children. That they will fully receive You, Jesus, and become born again before their last breath. I would be sad if they were not in heaven. Many tears would be shed for sure, and now I understand the reason why You will wipe away all the tears from our eyes. And not just them do I pray that they will be in heaven, but my parents, siblings, immediate and extended family, friends, and co-workers. I don’t wish for anyone to go to hell when they die. They just need to give up what is holding them back in order to receive You for themselves. I love You, Lod. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/16/2021)

Oh Lord, I know that not everything You ask of me is easy by any means. There are times that my faith is put to the test, but I am so grateful that You test me in this way. It helps me ponder upon my life and if I am really living for You or not. Surely, my ways are far from perfect, although I have learned to love Your ways. This love just doesn’t always translate into me doing your will each day and I am sorry. I wish I could be like this, but my flesh is weak and I need You to be the shield at all times in my life in order to not fall. So I ask that You come and protect me, God. You are my fortress and my high tower. Only You can lead me far from temptation that I may run from sin and into Your loving arms instead. Please help me to not be bombarded by evil thoughts of things I’ve done and seen from the past. It is my will that these things are removed from my mind and conscience once and for all. I want to do Your will, but these distractions cause me to drift from You. So Lord, come and heal me both body and soul. Give unto me a clean and pure heart. I love You more than anything this world will give me. I trust in You. Do a work in me that has never been seen before. I believe this will happen. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/15/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for my children, and my wife for bearing them those nine months. I have seen my kids grow up so fast. Even my oldest is in high school now and almost to dating age. My youngest is in grade school but also growing so fast like her sister. You know all of our needs, God. That is why You placed my wife and kids into my life. They bring me great joy, and I am so grateful to have them all in my life. You are our great God who allowed all this to happen. Thank You. It is my prayer that people who are married and with kids, that they also thank You for what you have given them also. We are Your greatest creation and for us to raise our children under Your guidance is all I wish to do. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I worship You. Help every person realize the worth of the unborn child in the womb. I can’t bear thinking of all the babies murdered in abortion each year. We have lost so many future pastors, evangelists, teachers, and other leaders for Your kingdom. So I pray that people in the faith will no longer allow this to happen. There is worth in the unborn child, and I pray that people will begin to see this. I trust that this will happen to many more believers in You, Jesus. This I pray. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/14/2021)

Oh Lord, I thank You for this day. Only through Your hand was I able to accomplish the things that were needed. You are the author and finisher of my faith and I give You praise. I ask that You lead and guide me by the hand. Help me to not go outside Your will for my life. I know that people are watching me from the outside and waiting for me to make a mistake. Then, will they rebuke me, although they are also in sin. But this is for my good. Sometimes I need people to wake me up, in order for me to see the sinful state I am in. It surely means something different when I am found out about an addiction, bad habit, sin, or even false belief. I am just grateful that You are still using me when this happens. I openly admit that I am a sinner, and need Your forgiveness each day because of my sins. I am far from perfect, but what I am is someone who loves Your ways and hates what is evil. Therefore, I ask that You give me clean hands and a pure heart. Help me to love people as You love them. Help me show mercy the way You show me mercy. Help me to forgive as You forgive me. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/13/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for coming into my life. I may not always be faithful to You, but You are still so merciful towards me when I repent. My strivings are to be right in Your sight, but the flesh is weak and causes me to fall. It is my desire to stay in Your presence that I may not fall victim to sin. This is truly my desire, God. And in all things, I ask that You do forgive me when I do fall into sin, that I may not be a servant to sin but to serve You alone. Be merciful unto me God, for I am a sinner. Cleanse me through the blood that shed for us on the cross. As Lot was told to run with haste from the wicked city of Sodom, I also run with all my might from the things that have caused me to stumble and fall in this life. Lead me from temptation, God. I love You more than anything else this life can offer me. Your giftings for my life may not always look so appealing when I am being tempted, but the moment I pray and read the Bible, Your treasures are so much more important than any lustful or covetous thing I can gain. I choose You, Lord, and not the sins of this world to rule my life. I choose your knowledge that You can share with me, not the knowledge of the world to make me wise. I choose to follow You completely. You are my God and I worship You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/12/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will use me and others to lead my family and friends off the path of destruction, and to You before this life is over. I have tried to be loving to people that I know are believing in a false gospel and/or living in sin, and many of them don’t care as much. People are so used to the lifestyle they are in, that other things don’t matter. This is very sad, for people don’t realize, God, that all I am trying to do is get them out of the fire while they still have time. There is always time to repent as long as we have breath, unfortunately, most people die before they decide to repent and give their lives to You. Many of these same people mock me as being self-righteous, and even having a mental illness, while then shunning me. This is so ridiculous and very hard to understand, but You are the one that helps give me the big picture. People will come and go in my life, but those that are in my life now will know about You, Jesus, just by being around me. In my discussions with people, I can’t help but talk about You. Because You have won my heart and I am Yours now, I want everyone to know about You, Jesus. You are my everything. My all and all. I love You, Lord. I trust You with my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will come and take many people out of the homosexual lifestyle, that they may experience a life change like never before. These people do not have to be punished and go to hell when they die, for there is forgiveness while in this life. I rebuke the lies of the enemy for making people think that they cannot change once they are already a homosexual. If You have the power to lead a friend of mine in Utah and Idaho that were once homosexual to become straight, You can do that to anyone. I am so happy that one of them is also happily married now, as man and woman. They do have a story to tell people, of which came from Your mighty hand. A change like this is not possible in the eyes of people in the world, but through Your mighty hand, all things are possible. If people just knew about the miracles You performed while on earth Jesus, then they would not doubt what You can do in their lives. Thank You, Lord, for changing my wicked heart who was also once into pornography, lust, fornication, and adultery. You gave me a new heart that is cleansed by Your blood. I still am tempted by these things, but these temptations don’t make me a sinner. It is when I give in to the temptation that I transgress against You. So I ask, God, that You lead me from temptation. I love You more than what the flesh wants. Have Your way in my life. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to repent from all their sins. That not one of them is swept under the rug. God, make us aware of anything and everything that we need to remove from our lives. This way we can live in Your holiness and have the Holy Spirit be with us. I am afraid that there are only a few people on earth that live in the constant presence of the Holy Spirit. Praise be to God for those true Christians who are really seeking Your face on a daily basis. And good grief, God, that we have so many fake Christians out there. Who is truly willing to give things up for Your sake? Nothing in this life is more important than following You, Jesus, for salvation. If it was up to me, I would say, Lord, take me home today. However, I know that my life is not over yet. I have much more work to do for your kingdom. People may laugh and scoff at me, calling me a Jesus freak, but if they just knew how awesome your presence is in my life, they would take all that back. Lord, You mean more to me than anything else. As for my sins, I am so grateful that You have forgiven me and cleansed me through Your blood. Your Spirit now abides in me and I have a shield to protect me from the enemy. Thank You, Jesus. Continue to lead me Lord, all my days. I am Yours and You are mine. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/09/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will, one day, come to me in person and dine with me and my family. I wish that I could be privileged to have a similar encounter that Abraham had with You. He was so blessed to hear Your voice and to also see You in person. I can’t even imagine how must have been like. It must have taken his breath away just to see You. I am in awe just thinking about what must have taken place with You and Abraham those few times that You met up and ate together. I know that one day I will see You in person come judgment day. But may it be a rewards judgment and not based on works. Lord, you have my heart, my soul, and my mind. I give everything I have to serve and worship You. You are my King and I wish everyone could know you personally as I do in the Spirit. While in the Spirit, You have come and taught me many things that I will never forget. There is so much wisdom to gain, but only from Your hand will it be good enough to bring with us in the next life. My treasures come from heaven and not from this earth. I love You more than anything else I could ever achieve in this life. My fortune and comforts come from You alone. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/08/2021)

Oh Lord, it is to You alone that I worship. To You alone do I lift up in praise. I love to remember Your birth, Jesus, during the Christmas season. Of course, to remember You daily during the year is what I love to do also. You are my God and I worship You, God. I wish every person would know that only through Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we can be saved. No other person will ever allow us into heaven, but You alone Jesus. I love You with all my heart, mind, and strength. Keep me in Your everlasting arms. I am safe when You are building me up and not the world. I long to be in Your presence every day that I wake. You are my fortress and my firm foundation. I will not grow weary of doing Your good works on earth. Keep Your works flowing in me. My only desire is to look to You in this life, listen to what You have to say, and then hearken unto Your words. Give me wisdom. I will lean unto Your understand and not what the world says. Keep me far from the enemy, that I might live in freedom from sin and death. May there be more holiness, and righteousness in my life. Only You can do this, my King. I love You, God. I trust in You. Have Your way in my life. I bow before You, Lord. Hear my cries. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/07/2021)

Oh Lord, I covenant between me and thee this day that I will hear thy voice and also hearken to what You are leading me in. As You have called us all to be perfect, I ask that You be my guide in this dark world we live in. So many people would like to take me in different directions, which would lead me far from You. Surely, Satan is using people to trick them into thinking they are doing Your will, but really it is only their own. No matter what I gain in this life, if it isn’t for You and Your kingdom, then I ask that You rip it out of my life. Don’t allow me to walk in anything that is unholy and wicked. To transgress against the God I love is something I never wish to do again. You are my true love God, and I need more of Your presence in my life to be happy. Move and shape me into the person I am called to be. Don’t allow sin to abound, but that Your righteousness will prevail within me. I want more of Your be done and less of my own. Help me to love one another the way You love us. Help me to forgive one another as You forgive us. I give You my heart, my soul, and my life. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/06/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will learn to seek Your face, even when times are very hard. In these times, it is easy to want to give up and sit and soak in our tears. I have done this before and am glad that I now confide in You for strength and encouragement. You hear my cries and continually come and wipe away all my tears and sorrow. Thank You, Jesus. This is hard to come back at times from other people and am so happy to know that You care so deeply for my life. I may only be one in a billion people on earth and You still hear me. This is so amazing. I love You so much, God. There is something about the way You speak to my soul that makes me feel like I have worth. You see potential in me and that is so awesome. Lord, it is my desire to do Your will and not the will of my flesh. Keep me in Your presence that I may be holy as You are holy. I love You more than anything else in this life. Nothing compares to You. I trust in You, God. Lead me now and all the rest of my days. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/05/2021)

Oh Lord, I give you thanks for this beautiful day. You were the one that directed my path while I was at work. We had a big job ahead of us, but thankfully You kept giving me the answers I needed, in order to get it done on time. I know it was You that gave me the answers I needed as I was praying all throughout. Surely, You are my God and my great reward. Many times it is through Your guidance and direction that I am able to do so much more. I may not always say and do the right things and am sorry. Thank You for continuing to use me for Your glory nonetheless. My flesh is weak, but with the Holy Spirit in my life I am made strong. It is my prayer that You use me and my family for Your glory. Take our hands now and do a mighty work in our lives. I lift my wife and my two daughters to You. Help them also heed your warnings that they may do what is right. All I desire is to live uprightly for You, and I pray that this is the same desire from those I love. I deeply love You, Lord. I need your holiness in my life. Keep me from evil. You are my deliverer and I trust in You. Nothing I’d rather have than to see and be with You in person. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/04/2021)

Oh Lord, I lift You up in praise. In thanksgiving, do I bow down before You now. You are worthy of our praise, and honor. I extol You, Lord. There is no one like You in heaven and earth. People may come and try to lift themselves up in the things that they can do on earth. These people may gain great followings and some may even make statues for them when they die. However, earthly idols are no match to the real deal. As for me, I will not allow my flesh to follow another person who could lead me astray. Sure, You will bring people into my life that I can imitate different things that they do for Your kingdom. Some people may be stronger and even wiser in the faith now at what they do and know, but with You in our lives, we can do all things. Nothing You put in our lives is out of reach. I am honored and truly blessed to have been given words to speak as I preach and teach the gospel message to anyone that has ears to hear. Great power comes when we head Your voice and simply open our mouths and let You fill it. I love it when You do things through me that I could not have done on my own. This is a testimony that You are real, God. I am nothing without You. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/03/2021)

Come Lord and rest awhile with me. Hear my prayers and do a work inside of me that has never been done before. Thank You for saving a wretch like me. I truly don’t deserve Your forgiveness and mercy, but You have shown it just the same. I was lost in the Mormon church for many years of my life, but then You came and rescued me. I may not be with my wife as a married couple in heaven, but am grateful that in heaven it will be one big family, even with You as our bride. There is so much room left in heaven for those who will come unto You in faith, while repenting of their sins and denouncing every false teaching. This is a very hard thing to do, especially giving up false beliefs, but is so worth it. I now know that there are no second chances after death, for after we die comes the judgment. You are our judge, Jesus. Only You hold the keys to the priesthood and the keys to my heart. I worship You, Jesus. You are my God and I give You praise. I adore You and extol Your Name. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/02/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will begin to focus more on You than anything else. Then, will our desires and intentions be based on what You want for us and not what we want. Even now do I come to You and ask that You make Your home in my life. Have Your way in me and lead me on the path of righteousness. I don’t wish to go to the left or right, but straight forward towards You. Don’t let the influences of the world or Satan take hold of my life. I love You more than anything this flesh needs, covets, or lusts for. Lord, I wish that every person could learn to praise You and not man. You are my greatest delight and I wish that every person could see You the way I do now. You are so good God, and I love it when You move in my life. Endless is Your priesthood, not ours. You hold the crown of glory, not us. I extol, bless, and revere Your name, not any other. One day, every person will know who You are in judgment and fall down on their knees in worship You, Lord. I wish this would happen in this life, but instead, people will learn the hard way that You are God, Jesus. You stand supreme above us all. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (11/01/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will realize that only Jesus is to be followed and not man. Yes, Lord, I will follow You and no longer people who can lead me astray. I am grateful that You have set apart men as pastors of churches, like Calvary Chapel. There are few that are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but also many who are genuine to their calling. It is so wonderful to see them teaching from the Bible, while also leading people to follow You, Jesus, and not man. Just like John the Baptist only desired to decrease as You increase, I see this in the lives of pastors also. What I desire is the same. If anybody is following me because of my writings, I ask that they repent and begin to follow You instead, God. Following a person instead of You is so dangerous. I once did this for so many years, while I was in Mormonism. I would sing the song, “Follow the Prophets”, which only led me astray into believing false teachings that are not Biblically sound. Thankfully, You came and rescued me. You helped me unlearn the lies, in order to come to know the truth. Thank You, God. I love You, Lord. Continue to teach me. My heart is open to receive You. Amen.