Today’s Prayer (11/01/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will realize that only Jesus is to be followed and not man. Yes, Lord, I will follow You and no longer people who can lead me astray. I am grateful that You have set apart men as pastors of churches, like Calvary Chapel. There are few that are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but also many who are genuine to their calling. It is so wonderful to see them teaching from the Bible, while also leading people to follow You, Jesus, and not man. Just like John the Baptist only desired to decrease as You increase, I see this in the lives of pastors also. What I desire is the same. If anybody is following me because of my writings, I ask that they repent and begin to follow You instead, God. Following a person instead of You is so dangerous. I once did this for so many years, while I was in Mormonism. I would sing the song, “Follow the Prophets”, which only led me astray into believing false teachings that are not Biblically sound. Thankfully, You came and rescued me. You helped me unlearn the lies, in order to come to know the truth. Thank You, God. I love You, Lord. Continue to teach me. My heart is open to receive You. Amen.
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