Today’s Prayer (11/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will not only help me but many other Christians this day. Help us to stay focused on the prize at the end of this life. Nothing can compete with what we can obtain in heaven. Things can appear better on paper, especially when the lusts of the flesh are intrigued. However, there is always regret after falling into sin. No matter how good things feel in the moment, it is not worth the shame that comes later. Especially when I know that I have hurt You, God, in a way that I cannot go back and change. The moment I realize that I have quenched the Spirit is when I know that it will be a journey getting Your respect back. Truly, a relationship with You, Lord, is more important than anything this world can offer me. I have learned this over time and I pray that other people will understand this before it is too late. To know You and to have You know us is what really matters in this life. Thank You for my beautiful wife and two daughters. You have blessed me in ways that I wish I could repay You. But what I am most grateful for is Your salvation because of Your death on the cross and resurrection. Your blood, Jesus, has covered me and forgiven me of all my sins. And now I will rise with You in the first resurrection. I love You. Amen.

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