Today’s Prayer (11/12/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will use me and others to lead my family and friends off the path of destruction, and to You before this life is over. I have tried to be loving to people that I know are believing in a false gospel and/or living in sin, and many of them don’t care as much. People are so used to the lifestyle they are in, that other things don’t matter. This is very sad, for people don’t realize, God, that all I am trying to do is get them out of the fire while they still have time. There is always time to repent as long as we have breath, unfortunately, most people die before they decide to repent and give their lives to You. Many of these same people mock me as being self-righteous, and even having a mental illness, while then shunning me. This is so ridiculous and very hard to understand, but You are the one that helps give me the big picture. People will come and go in my life, but those that are in my life now will know about You, Jesus, just by being around me. In my discussions with people, I can’t help but talk about You. Because You have won my heart and I am Yours now, I want everyone to know about You, Jesus. You are my everything. My all and all. I love You, Lord. I trust You with my life. Amen.
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