Today’s Prayer (11/09/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will, one day, come to me in person and dine with me and my family. I wish that I could be privileged to have a similar encounter that Abraham had with You. He was so blessed to hear Your voice and to also see You in person. I can’t even imagine how must have been like. It must have taken his breath away just to see You. I am in awe just thinking about what must have taken place with You and Abraham those few times that You met up and ate together. I know that one day I will see You in person come judgment day. But may it be a rewards judgment and not based on works. Lord, you have my heart, my soul, and my mind. I give everything I have to serve and worship You. You are my King and I wish everyone could know you personally as I do in the Spirit. While in the Spirit, You have come and taught me many things that I will never forget. There is so much wisdom to gain, but only from Your hand will it be good enough to bring with us in the next life. My treasures come from heaven and not from this earth. I love You more than anything else I could ever achieve in this life. My fortune and comforts come from You alone. Amen.

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