Today’s Prayer (11/05/2021)

Oh Lord, I give you thanks for this beautiful day. You were the one that directed my path while I was at work. We had a big job ahead of us, but thankfully You kept giving me the answers I needed, in order to get it done on time. I know it was You that gave me the answers I needed as I was praying all throughout. Surely, You are my God and my great reward. Many times it is through Your guidance and direction that I am able to do so much more. I may not always say and do the right things and am sorry. Thank You for continuing to use me for Your glory nonetheless. My flesh is weak, but with the Holy Spirit in my life I am made strong. It is my prayer that You use me and my family for Your glory. Take our hands now and do a mighty work in our lives. I lift my wife and my two daughters to You. Help them also heed your warnings that they may do what is right. All I desire is to live uprightly for You, and I pray that this is the same desire from those I love. I deeply love You, Lord. I need your holiness in my life. Keep me from evil. You are my deliverer and I trust in You. Nothing I’d rather have than to see and be with You in person. Amen.
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