Today’s Prayer (04/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will be more open to Your truth. Sometimes it is so close to the touch, but we are so far from it spiritually because of our closed minds. Many people have also relied on people’s opinions instead of searching the scriptures for themselves, in order to know what is true or not. What information and knowledge people have gained from their pastors, bishops, prophets, or other people have become most important to them and also their truth. And the sad thing is, people that are like this are very hard to witness to. They already have the truth and are good with that. No matter if they are missing out on knowing the whole truth, so many people are so far from You, that they are unwilling to learn. But the question is, God, why won’t these people search the scriptures for truth? Are they abiding in You, or other things that fulfill their lives instead? I wish that people would put their trust in You and Your Words more so than anything else. We can be guided in this lost world, but we must break free from the doctrines of men first. Then, and only then, can we learn from Your mighty hand. We need Your wisdom, God, and not what people may say. Opinions are just that, opinions, and what I need is substance. You bring life into all things that I know now and will know. Even reading the Book of Enoch has been very enlightening, which I believe has come from Your hand. It is my prayer that people do not miss out on this book of scripture. I love You. I trust in You. Amen.

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