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Month: March 2016

Jesus Is Risen

Jesus has risen from the dead. Many witnessed His resurrection. Come to know Him for yourself and you will find a peace that never ends. Continue Reading

Jesus Is Alive

The Lord’s sacrifice was for us all. Because of the cross our sins are forgiven. After death Jesus rose from the dead. He is alive. Continue Reading

Jesus Is Coming

Live each day as if the Lord was returning today. Be waiting and ready for His coming. Seek Him often in prayer. Live each day for the Lord. Continue Reading

Trust In Jesus

Put your trust in Jesus and He won’t let you down. We will find mercy and strength in the Lord. We will one day stand before Him in wondrous awe. Continue Reading

Only Jesus Saves

Living a life of sin is not worth it. All the world can offer us is temporary joy. True joy is found in Jesus. Give your life to Him. Continue Reading