Today’s Prayer (09/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the salvation of the Mormon people. They may not know this about me, but I truly care for them. I only have their best interests at heart for them. All I hope for is that more people will come out of their cult and find You, Jesus, for salvation. They will need to do the following first, which is to accept what You have taught in scripture, not what their false prophets have taught them. Their feel-good message about eternal marriage is squashed by your teaching, Jesus, that there is no marriage in heaven. Their doctrine of exaltation to godhood is squashed by your teaching of us being like unto angels. Their story of Joseph Smith seeing the Father is squashed by You saying that nobody has seen the Father. Their teaching of the Father having a body is squashed by You teaching that the Father is Spirit. And so I ask them, Lord, Why not accept what You have taught in the Bible, and just say they believe in You. Many people will say on that day, Lord, Lord, but they never knew You and You didn’t know them. Lord, I have family and friends in the Mormon cult. Bring more of them out of it in Jesus’s Name, I pray. I love You, Lord. I give you praise. Amen.

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