Today’s Prayer (09/29/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be aware of the false prophets in the world today. Their false teachings are toxic, and the sad thing is, their false witnesses are everywhere. Not only are they acting as if they are Christians by knocking on doors and sharing a supposed gospel message, although nothing they say is from You. I am speaking of the Mormons and their false witnesses/missionaries. Lord, the reason why they cannot get along with Christians and our true beliefs is that their beliefs are extra-Biblical and contradict what You have said countless times in the Bible. This is so evident when I ask these lost people to give me their message for the day. They speak of eternal families/marriages, exaltation to godhood, temple buildings for today, their pride and joy Book of Mormon, and so much more. This is all ridiculous and not Biblical. Therefore, I rebuke them and their false teachings in Your Name, Jesus. Lord, do what You have done in times past. Cause these lost people to stumble and fall. Give them up unto confusion until they are broken. Then will they come to You. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/28/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that many Mormons will come to salvation. Their hope is dwindling every day they live, but still, some of them have come out of this cult by a miracle from Your hand each and every day. I am speaking of the one in the ninety and nine. The majority of these people will not receive Your servants on earth, nor You. They have already declared that they will worship the Father and not You, Jesus, the Son. Do they not realize that every person will one day bow before You, Jesus? If not in this life, during judgment. You are our King, Jesus. All hail the God of the heavens and earth, who is Christ the Lord. I humbly bow down at Your feet. With respect to the God, whom I love, I will live out my life for You. Have Your way in my life. God, cast out of the Mormon’s hearts the desire to praise and worship Joseph Smith, who is a false god in their minds. So many of these people have lifted him up to Your stature, God, which is idolatry at its finest. I love You, Jesus. I give You, praise and honor. You deserve the glory. I worship You, my King of righteousness. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/27/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will not be fooled by false prophets, for they are everywhere it seems in our society. This world has become so corrupt that many religious people are actually false prophets. In the Mormon church, we see this in the mix of their head prophet, 12 apostles, seventy, and patriarchs. Most of their prophecies have been false, and this is not counting the patriarchal blessings that members receive. This makes thousands of false prophecies. Awaken these people from their cult to follow You. There is hope for them still. You have put a burden on my heart and soul to reach them for Your kingdom, so I know that they are important in Your sight. I was once a part of this false religion until You brought me out of it. There are thousands of people like me, which I am so grateful for. It is my prayer that thousands more will resign from their cult each year for Your cause. Not to atheism, but submitting their lives to follow You, Jesus, completely. Setting aside their false beliefs, in order to know You and be saved. I love these people so much as to help lead them out of the fire. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/26/2022)

Oh Lord, I want the Mormon people to know that I love them. I might come with a message that rebukes the teachings they know as truth, but out of respect, I am only helping them know what is really true from the Bible. And not me alone, God, but because You are with me, I am able to go out and talk to people because of the boldness You have given me. Thank You for continuing to trust in me, although I am a sinner and occasionally fall. Who is it that lifts up my sorrows and forgives me of my sins? It is You, Jesus. Who is it that gives me strength when I am weary? It is You, Father. Who is it that leads me by the Hand and gives me words to speak? It is You, Holy Spirit. You, God, have been the inspiration for my life. Although the message that You have given me looks obscure to the lost, they are wise words in Your sight and those who are saved. There is nothing I can do that is good without You? Lord. I love You, Jesus. I give You everything. May more people who are lost come to You and be saved. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/25/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will repent of their sins and no longer be willful sinners. You hear our cries but also look for people who are contrite in spirit and humble for You to work in. I just wonder how many people are sincere in their prayers or are continuing in prayers that are recited and not thought about. You have taught us to pray, but people have taken this way to far in reciting your prayers, Jesus, instead of learning about how to pray. Lord, I offer my life to You in all the sincerity of my heart. Take a hold of my life and don’t allow the enemy to have any part of who I am. I choose to live for You and not the world. Hear my cries and know that I am sorry for my sins. You have heard my confessions and I am grateful for Your forgiveness and grace. Have your way in my life. Use me for Your kingdom. Help me to reach people for Your kingdom. When I have tried to reach people in my own flesh, I have been unsuccessful, but when I have reached people with the Holy Spirit, there are many seeds planted in people’s hearts. My life is Yours. Use me for Your glory. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise and honor. You are my God and I will worship You all my days. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/24/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the salvation of the lost souls in Mormonism. I cannot believe how lost they are when it comes to their man-made beliefs. What is really sad is that these people have lifted up their Book of Mormon and torn down Your Bible, by saying it is corrupted. Truly, Satan has done this, by tearing down Your holy words. Why is it that these people rely on their feelings more so than what You have taught in scripture? All I know, God, is that these people are very difficult to reach for Your sake. I want to do a mighty work for Your kingdom and help bring as many people as I can to You, but their hard heart keeps them from being saved. Only You can save people, Jesus. I cannot do any of this. My words mean nothing unless You are the one speaking through me through the Holy Spirit. It really upsets me that these people are acting like they are gods. They believe they can save people on their own right through their baptisms for the dead. And now they are in support of the LGBTQ community’s rights and are wanting to give them a voice. Do they not realize that they are allowing our children to be corrupted by such things? I rebuke all this wickedness in Your, Name, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/23/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will be saved in this world, even though it is more wicked than in the times of Noah. With the eyes that You have given me, I can see the good in this world, but also the evils in so many people. Even in my family’s lives, I can how lost they have become. Because they have put other things ahead of You, God, I have to remind them often to follow You. The unfortunate thing is that my words fall upon dead ears more than not. I am looked at as a Jesus freak instead of someone who diligently wants to help them come to know You, Jesus. Lord, the evils of this world are so real, why can’t people see this? Why have people seen a person who loves God as someone they despise? Do people really love and treat others who are evil more than people who are for You, God? I want to reach people, but it seems that people’s closed-mindedness makes it difficult. Help me, Lord. I trust in You, God. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/22/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will come to know You and be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Bible has been tainted by wicked men and women who think they know better than You. It is hard to believe that we have missionaries from a cult called, “Mormonism”, trying to tell people that priesthood is Your power in us, not the Holy Spirit. How they are taking upon them a priesthood that only sits with You, Jesus, our high priest. As believers, we are under Your royal priesthood, not that we hold it but You alone. I trust in You, God. People have failed me in life, but You will never fail me, nor forsake me. Lord, there are many lost souls in my family and extended family. Many of them are tied down in the Mormon cult and will continue to believe their false teachings unless something changes in their lives. Lord, I have tried to reach many of them for Your sake. Some of them are simply unreachable. But Lord, I know that anybody that is on the path of destruction can still be turned to You, for salvation. Lead them out of this cult and fill them with the power of the Holy Spirit. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/21/2022)

Blessed is Your Name, God. You are worthy to save the least us. Transgressions are forgiven because of Your great love for us, Jesus. You keep me from the iniquity of this world and shelter me from the storms of life. I acknowledge my sins before You now, for I know that You can cleanse me when I fall. I confess that I am a sinner in need of saving power. Forgive me, Lord. It is an honor to pray to the one true God of the heavens, of whom I know is alive and well in people’s lives who love You. Wherever I may be, and in whatever circumstance, I am in need of a You, my Savior. Therefore, I will gladly call upon Your Name, Jesus. You keep me safe and also give me hope for a new day. Thank You for Your patience with me, although I don’t always deserve it. It would be easy for me to hide my sins, but I would only be pushing You and Your great love from me. I need You, Lord, every hour. I am very sorrowful when I sin and You are not with me. Therefore, I trust in You, Lord. I am glad because You are with me. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/20/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will trust in You. That they will not ashamed of You, Jesus. To allow Your righteousness to flow deep in their lives. That people will engage with you in prayer, in order for you to hear them and deliver them from evil. With my family, I preach daily to put you first, and I pray that every person who says they are a Christian will do this also. You are my rock and my mighty fortress. Shine down upon us Go and save us through Your mercy’s sake. I speak of Your goodness to as many people as I can, for you have done great and mighty things in my life. Blessed is the Lord God Almighty. It is an honor to tell people how You have changed my life through Your loving kindness. I love You, Lord, with all my heart, mind, and strength. I will be faithful to You God, whom I believe in. You have given me courage and strength. I love You, Jesus. My hope is in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/19/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the lost souls in Mormonism. I don’t hate them but love them so much to share Your truth with them. You have given me courage, especially because of the backlash that comes along with doing this. I never would have thought that Mormon missionaries would come to me on a daily basis because of what I am sharing about their cult. Lord, You started this outreach to Mormons back in 2016. I didn’t know I could be a light in the darkness, but You have done this in a big way. Lord, thank You for using me over these years to reach the lost for Your sake. I would never have seen as many people as I have come to know You as their Lord and Savior if I was alone in these efforts. I still remember the day when two of my neighbors asked to be baptized in the Boise river. What a day it was to baptize them and also pray for them to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Mormon people are hard-hearted and it does take a lot to reach them for Your sake. Satan has lured them in, in a way that it is hard to break them free. But You can do all things, God. I’ll be in Utah at the General Conference for Mormons in a few days. May many Mormons come to know You. I love You, Jesus. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the salvation of the Mormon people. They may not know this about me, but I truly care for them. I only have their best interests at heart for them. All I hope for is that more people will come out of their cult and find You, Jesus, for salvation. They will need to do the following first, which is to accept what You have taught in scripture, not what their false prophets have taught them. Their feel-good message about eternal marriage is squashed by your teaching, Jesus, that there is no marriage in heaven. Their doctrine of exaltation to godhood is squashed by your teaching of us being like unto angels. Their story of Joseph Smith seeing the Father is squashed by You saying that nobody has seen the Father. Their teaching of the Father having a body is squashed by You teaching that the Father is Spirit. And so I ask them, Lord, Why not accept what You have taught in the Bible, and just say they believe in You. Many people will say on that day, Lord, Lord, but they never knew You and You didn’t know them. Lord, I have family and friends in the Mormon cult. Bring more of them out of it in Jesus’s Name, I pray. I love You, Lord. I give you praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/17/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in the Mormon church will repent and get right with You while they still have time. Surely, the majority of their doctrines are of the devil and need to be rooted out of their hearts in order for them to come to know You, Jesus, and be saved. The truth is, their hearts are hardened to know You, God. I can be using the Bible to show them the right way when it comes to You, Father, being Spirit only, and they still laugh and scoff at what I have to say. The same thing happens when I discuss with them the true gospel message of the cross and resurrection and not Gethsemane. There is so much truth that comes from the Bible, but they simply resist it. But God, I am finally understanding why. These people have become very blind and cannot see. Your truth is so easy to grasp, but because their beliefs are rooted in their prophets and their other books, those teachings are more meaningful to them than what is taught in the Bible. This is a travesty for sure, but I know that You can do all things, God. You can make a way for some of these people to find a way out of their cult and be saved. There is salvation only through You, Jesus, not religion. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/16/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people of the Mormon cult will unlearn their false teachings and come to know and teach what the Bible says. It is crazy to think that people who call themselves religious deny what You have said in scripture, Jesus. How people do error not knowing the scriptures. How it has been taught for centuries and reinforced by You, Jesus, that there is no marriage in heaven, along with believers becoming like unto angels in heaven. Why do the Mormons deny these facts and instead teach their feel-good doctrine of eternal marriage in heaven and exaltation to godhood? Don’t they feel bad each time they deny what You have said in scripture, Lord? I sure would if I was reading the Bible and knew what You have said, Jesus. This would surely cause me to repent for believing in such lies. Thankfully, You took me out of this cult those ten years ago. I have not been the same since. The darkness had been scattered and You have brought me into Your marvelous light. I love You, Jesus. Thank You for saving a wretch like me. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/15/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will earnestly come to You in all their confessions. That they will cry out to You and acknowledge themselves as sinners in Your sight. I know that I need a Savior and am so happy that You have come into my life, Jesus. There is salvation only through faith in You. People in all religions need to acknowledge You as more than a person or prophet, but God Himself to be saved. I am grateful to know that Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and more religious people are turning from their false teachings to You, Jesus. And more than this are people that know about You. Some of them are also acknowledging You in their lives and receiving You as their Lord and Savior. We just need more people that know about You to do that and be saved. There is true help that comes from You, God. We can find pleasures in many different things, but only You can supply everything we’d ever need. Because You lead me on a daily basis, I am safe. God, lead me this day and forever and to heaven. I love You, Jesus. I give You praise, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/14/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to seek Your face on a daily basis. Only then will they come to know You and also hear Your voice. You are a good Father, who loves His children. Thank You, Lord, for adopting me into Your fold. As Gentiles, we were afar off at one point, but now many of us know You also and are saved. I am grateful for Your mercy and grace. Thank You for rescuing a lost soul, such as I. You have spoken to me in many different ways. I have become important to You and that makes me so happy. Lord, to live for You is what my life is about. Lead me, guide me, direct my paths. May more people find You in their everyday lives and be saved. I love You, Lord. Help me to know You more through daily Bible study, prayer, worship, and other things. Speak to my heart as I seek You first. Help me to be a light unto my family and friends’ lives. You are so dear to me and I pray that many more people will also experience Your awesome presence while in this life. Thank You, God, for everything. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/13/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that the wicked people in this world will get their just punishments. Some people need to find discomfort in this life in order to see a need for a Savior. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was hold up a sign for You in the midst of a gay pride parade this last weekend. These people dwell in darkness and the lusts of their flesh. They even call their events pride festivals and pride parades, being so proud. Thankfully, You have put the Holy Spirit in me and other Christians. This way we infiltrated the plans of the devil, while protesting these events. I am sick and tired of these wicked people coming after our children with transgenderism and more. More of what happens in this world should be protested and is not. I cannot stand to see corruption in this world, especially in cults and other false religions. These wicked people are causing more people who love You to go into paths of destruction, which saddens my soul to even think of. Therefore, I ask that You use me to bring people out of darkness and into Your abundant light. There is true peace when it comes to You and Your good grace, not going after things of the flesh. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/12/2022)

Oh Lord, hear our prayers. People have poured out their hearts to You with all sincerity. God, forgive us our sins. We need a Savior and trust that You, Jesus, can supply our every need. There are many things I could try to do on my own, but how will I be fully satisfied if I end up doing this? The truth is, I can live a life apart from You and find temporary satisfaction and joy. But these things are only for a moment. I have tasted and seen how I can feel high one moment and then feel terrible the next. Guilt and shame always wins the battle for me. This is because of my conscience. Lord, You have never given up on me, nor forsaken me, although I have many times in this life. I deserved Your wrath for the time I was living in sin. Oh, did I feel it. I thought I was too far gone for a person to be saved. But thank God that You had other plans. With Your hands of mercy, my tears were dried up and I saw how forgiving You really are. I love You, Lord. I give You praise! Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/11/2022)

Daily Prayer: Oh Lord, I pray that people at this Gay Pride Festival were affected for Your good. I spent many hours out there on the streets and I was blessed to talk to so many people about You, Jesus. I give thanks to Sean, who gave me the sign to use and keep for

Today’s Prayer (09/10/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people saw Your love in me at the Boise Pride Festival today. My only desire was to explain Your truth with love. How there are only two genders, male and female, and that no homosexual person can procreate the earth with children. It is because homosexuality is unnatural, as You have said in the Bible. Thank You, God, for making it so crystal clear. I tried to explain this in a way that people could understand. How that if I commit adultery, fornicate, look at porn, and more, I am doing just the same as a homosexual. Lord, I am grateful for repentance and that you are so forgiving. We have fallen into the ways of darkness, but because of You, we are brought into Your light, Jesus. In Your presence, there is true peace, joy, and love that never ends. Lord, I looked into so many people’s eyes today by saying, I want You to go to heaven. I truly meant these words. I love the people at the festival, just not their sin. Lord, thank You for allowing us to pray over this lady, of whom received a Bible, and later renounced homosexuality altogether. Praise God. You did it all. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/09/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person that is part of the LGBTQ community to experience a wake-up moment with You. That all of their sins will come crumbling down, giving them over to You, Jesus. This I pray before final judgments are made come death. Homosexuals do go to hell when they die, but it surely doesn’t have to. It really is their choice to keep justifying their sinful lifestyle or admit they are a sinner and get right with You. God, thank You for showing me that people can leave this wickedness behind and become straight once again. This isn’t out of their own willpower, but because these same people have decided that You are more important. Therefore, You can do a work overnight in people, which society would say is very difficult. You did this with me when it comes to my own lusts. Because I trust in You, Jesus, and now hate even the appearance of evil. This is why I come to these pride festivals each year, in order to reach people for You, Lord. Thank You for putting on my heart Your judgments upon them. This is what people needed to hear from You today. Tomorrow may be different, but I trust that You will open my mouth to speak to them like today. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/08/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people would begin to look to You, Jesus, on a daily basis and be saved. For my own family, I tell them often to seek You first and these words are rejected each time. I am told that it is not my right to judge them and to leave them alone. But God, if people are in danger of going to hell, who is it for me not to warn them of the wrath to come? Maybe there is a better way I could say this in order to reach them for Your sake. And not just my family, but anybody I speak with. Lord, may they see that Your presence is with me. How I live only for You and not for myself. My one true love is You, God. I love my wife, kids, and family, but Your love surpasses them all. Therefore, I will bask in Your awesome presence this day and forever. Be forever near me. Keep me upright and don’t let the evil one have His way in my life. I am so happy that You have come and expelled all the darkness. There is light that comes out of me because You are with me, Lord. May people see Your light in me as I talk to them and also come to You, Jesus, and be saved. I pray that more people will escape the torments of hell and the lake of fire and find entrance into heaven. I am praying for these lost souls. Lead them to me, in order for me to witness to them. I love You, Jesus. I give You glory and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/07/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that every person who claims to believe in You would understand that they must be meek, lest they die in their sins and are unsaved. I am speaking of people who are humble and submissive to You and Your ways. To learn from You and to act upon what You have taught us. Your ways are so good and those who truly love You, also walk in Your ways. We are not conformed to the ways of this world, for it would break our hearts to go against You, my Lord. Therefore, I pray that every ounce of pride and self-sufficiency will be cast out of people. That people will become humble, submissive, and sufficient in what You would lead us in and not us. If someone is proud because of their sexually immoral ways, may they come to understand that You can change their lives. People can be homosexual because of Satan and his influences on their lives, but You are able to make them straight again. No more will they justify their sins the moment they humble themselves before You. Lord, as I go to the pride festival this weekend, in order to preach the gospel to the lost. I pray that many of them will come of their wicked ways for Your sake and be saved. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/06/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will be able to stop watching TV, along with playing video games, for Your sake. Is consuming the content on TV seeking You first? No. This world is dark and most of the evils of this world can be found in the shows and movies that people watch. It is even more so with video games. Lord, these people do not realize this, but they have been slowly hypnotized over the years by the devil. He knows exactly what the flesh likes, immodesty, sex, drugs, alcohol, killing, witchcraft, magic, and the demonic realm. Therefore, with all the people who consume content like this, it is easy to say that there is a broad way to destruction and hell, where most people will find it. On the other hand, there is a straight and narrow gate that leads to life eternal with You, Jesus, in heaven. I often wonder if people really want to go to heaven. If people are among those who consume hours of TV, plus video games where is their heart? They are addictions and to give them up for Your sake takes a lot of courage and commitment. Thankfully, You have done this with me. If I watch TV, it is to see You in ministry or song. Nothing else has my heart but the things that come down from heaven and into our lives. Fill me, Lord. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/05/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the salvation of the Mormon people. I know that not all of them can come out of their cult and be saved, but some are still able to. I have talked with some great people who are Mormons that are truly searching for the truth. For them, addressing their false teachings comes easy, for they are ready to unlearn the lies and learn what is true instead. Many people are sick and tired of being led astray by people on earth, when You are the one who should be leading them. God, how is it that these People’s hearts are so hardened to Your truth? It has been a real chore to speak the truth to the LDS Missionaries at large. They may wonder why I am contacting them, but I do it for You, Jesus. If I could lead at least one of them out of it and to You, then it would be amazing. However, I know that what I am doing is giving these false witnesses a stern warning when it comes to their false teachings, so I can say that it is a win win. I am hoping to have You save them from the fire, but they must desire to come out of it first. I love You, Jesus. Help me reach these lost people with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/04/2022)

Oh Lord, I love the Mormon people, but cannot stand the fact that these people are on the path that leads to destruction. It is like seeing a burning building with people I love and knowing deep down in my heart that they need saving, but wondering how. So often have I approached people of this cult by reason of Facebook messenger and in person, and they simply deny everything I say, even though what I share comes from the Bible. Therefore, I wonder what the best approach is to win these lost souls to You. I have seen people in this cult resign for Your sake, but this is far and few between. Truly, their heart is cold to the truth of God is lost within the false teachings in their church. Lord, I can see that Satan has a stronghold upon the people in this religion and won’t let them go. This is demonic. These people need to be delivered from the strongholds of the enemy in their lives. Lord, help me and other true Christians find these people and speak to them in a way that they will listen. Open our mouths and fill them with words that will convict them of their false beliefs. I know that You can do all things through people who trust in You. Lord, the demonic has infiltrated many people’s hearts and churches in our society. This is done by manipulating verses in the Bible to fit people’s beliefs. People are also not for you on the inside, so their flesh speaks. Help them, Lord. You are my God and I worship You. I love You, Jesus. Have your way in my life. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/03/2022)

Oh Lord, I am truly hoping and praying that more people in the Mormon cult will come out of it in due time. Right now they are on a path of destruction and the end thereof is hell. I am trying to pull many of them out of the fire on a daily basis, but it is a struggle. Many of these people do not listen even when the Holy Spirit is at work over messenger and calls. It is like they have already heard the truth in their own minds and don’t have any more desire to learn. What I say is then unheard and therefore, thrown out the window. Lord, I have spoken to hundreds of Mormon missionaries over these many years and hope that a few of them have come out of it. My heart is just burdened for these lost people. I am hoping that some of these individuals have surrendered their lives to You and have now found a good Bible-believing church to attend. Only through You, Jesus, can we be saved, not a many who makes himself out to like God. I am speaking of an evil man called, Joseph Smith. His pride and false doctrines have caused my family and friends to go down the same path to hell as he has. I am burdened by this and pray that people in this cult will wake up to their false beliefs while they still have time. I love You, Lord. I give You praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/02/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will find You. The darkness is heavy over this earth. Satan has a stronghold upon way too many people and to resist and do Your will is difficult for most people. As for people who seek Your hand daily, they have no trouble resisting the devil and doing Your will. We are not influenced by the evils of this world, for You have delivered us. You have taken us out of a life of sin and given us clean hands and a pure heart. I love Your ways and acknowledge You, Jesus, as my Lord, God, and Savior. Have Your way in my life. My only desire is to know Your will and do as You command. My head is lifted up high to You. Speak to me, Lord. Give me wisdom. Help me to know and honor You by what I do in my daily life. Although this flesh is weak, You have made it strong to resist temptation and to follow You instead. Lord, this life is short. I love the outdoors and see You in all the creation. The hills, the valleys, the mountains, the streams of water, and more, cry out in praise to Your Name. I cry out to You also. You are my deliverer and redeemer. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/01/2022)

Oh Lord, l pray that more of these lost Mormon people will repent and give up everything to follow You. Their doctrines are of the devil and need to be exposed. Not to expose it because of hate, but because we want to pull them out of the fire while they still have breath. I pray that even one of the ninety and nine would leave this cult to follow You. Then, will they realize what they had been missing and give You praise, Father. No more will they think we are persecuting them, but tell others also about their salvation. We need more people who are willing to share their stories of salvation and coming out of this cult. I truly wish that more people would be so bold as to share the gospel truths with the lost people in this world. One thing I know is that this life is short. I may not be here much longer. You may have a better purpose for me on the other side than what I am doing here. All I know is that when that day comes, Lord, You will find me doing Your will as it is in heaven. This faith has come from being forgiven and knowing that You are alive and well in my life and millions of others also. I love You, Jesus. Amen.