Today’s Prayer (09/24/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray for the salvation of the lost souls in Mormonism. I cannot believe how lost they are when it comes to their man-made beliefs. What is really sad is that these people have lifted up their Book of Mormon and torn down Your Bible, by saying it is corrupted. Truly, Satan has done this, by tearing down Your holy words. Why is it that these people rely on their feelings more so than what You have taught in scripture? All I know, God, is that these people are very difficult to reach for Your sake. I want to do a mighty work for Your kingdom and help bring as many people as I can to You, but their hard heart keeps them from being saved. Only You can save people, Jesus. I cannot do any of this. My words mean nothing unless You are the one speaking through me through the Holy Spirit. It really upsets me that these people are acting like they are gods. They believe they can save people on their own right through their baptisms for the dead. And now they are in support of the LGBTQ community’s rights and are wanting to give them a voice. Do they not realize that they are allowing our children to be corrupted by such things? I rebuke all this wickedness in Your, Name, Jesus. I love You, God. Amen.
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