Today’s Prayer (09/03/2022)

Oh Lord, I am truly hoping and praying that more people in the Mormon cult will come out of it in due time. Right now they are on a path of destruction and the end thereof is hell. I am trying to pull many of them out of the fire on a daily basis, but it is a struggle. Many of these people do not listen even when the Holy Spirit is at work over messenger and calls. It is like they have already heard the truth in their own minds and don’t have any more desire to learn. What I say is then unheard and therefore, thrown out the window. Lord, I have spoken to hundreds of Mormon missionaries over these many years and hope that a few of them have come out of it. My heart is just burdened for these lost people. I am hoping that some of these individuals have surrendered their lives to You and have now found a good Bible-believing church to attend. Only through You, Jesus, can we be saved, not a many who makes himself out to like God. I am speaking of an evil man called, Joseph Smith. His pride and false doctrines have caused my family and friends to go down the same path to hell as he has. I am burdened by this and pray that people in this cult will wake up to their false beliefs while they still have time. I love You, Lord. I give You praise. Amen.
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