Today’s Prayer (09/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I lift my hands up to praise You. I don’t deserve the life I have now. You could have taken it away a long time ago. You know how deep I was into sexual sin that it almost ruined me and my marriage. In this time, I had run to things that only led to temporary happiness. I was never fulfilled. Each time I needed a bigger high than the previous times. You probably saw all this and were so sickened by what I was doing. I am sure that You thought about giving up on me then, but You didn’t. For this reason, I have to ask why? Was it because You knew I would overcome the enemy and find victory with You? I believe this to be true. You do know everything, and although I was causing grief in my family’s lives and especially Yours, Your patience for me endured. And so I remember the day that I found You. It was at the time that I was desperate for help, and especially for a Savior. Then, You came Jesus. You heard my cries and I was no longer alone. I didn’t need the things I was seeking after any longer for You became all I need. Forgiveness and mercy are all I wanted. I wanted a clean slate and You gave it to me. Thank You for calling me out of the darkness and into Your light You covered me by Your blood and I am made clean. Therefore, I need more of Your presence in my life and less of me. I am desperate to know You more and to do Your will above all else. I worship You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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