Today’s Prayer (09/30/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for this first day of the mission trip to Utah. Truly, it was an amazing time to visit with Luis, Judah, and his wife. This was a perfect day to start this trip off. The Holy Spirit was felt, along with Your guidance during my travel to Utah and the throughout this evening. Thank You for leading me, Luis, and Patrick into the harvest together. Patrick may not have been with us yet, but His presence is always felt when He is with me. You have done great things through us over these years and I know that this trip will be like the others. What we pray for on this trip and on others is that Mormons will come out of their false religion and unto You instead. This can only happen if You are leading us and not if we are on our own in these efforts. I trust in You, God. Do a mighty work in Your harvest while we are out and about in it. We are only out here to serve You and You alone. Only to see more people be saved and go to heaven. I trust in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/29/2021)

Oh Lord, prepare our hearts now for the millennium. I am talking about the time when You will be on earth, Jesus, and ruling and reigning with the saints. I hope to be around at this time, as well as many others. Our faith is secure in You, Jesus. We want nothing to do with anything that will cause us to drift and go astray. Therefore, continue to work in our lives daily, that we might serve You and You alone. Even in our workplaces, open our mouths that the gospel will be shared with boldness. I know there are times for this to happen, especially with certain co-workers, but help us know when the time is right. Then, these people will be reached for Your kingdom’s sake. Much like, Josh, whom I work for. Earlier this year, I was prompted to speak to Him at different times about You, Jesus, and Your gospel message. At first, he wasn’t interested, but his heart softened as time went by. Thankfully, a neighbor of his was also influenced by the Holy Spirit to reach out to Him for Your sake. Then, after going to church a few times, He knew in his heart that what we were telling him was true. He then got baptized and is telling many people about You, Jesus, now. This is so amazing, God. I am so grateful that I was able to influence Him for Your glory and unto salvation. These next few days I’ll be in Utah with a few friends of mine, as we share the gospel with any person who has an ear to hear. Lead us to the very elect. I believe in You. I trust in You, God. I love You with all my heart, mind, and strength. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/28/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will not give in to the enemy and fall away before this life is over. Satan has so many tricks up his sleeves to steer us in a direction that doesn’t save us. I have fallen for his traps many times. Thankfully now, I have not continued in that wayward life, but run to Your feet each time for forgiveness. In times past, I would have easily gone days and months doing the same lustful things over and over again. For this reason, I give You thanks for helping me hate even the appearance of evil, and not holding any grudges over me. You could have easily given up on me a long time again, but Your patience showed true to who You are, God. You know exactly what the enemy does to take me down, and when I put my trust in You, You become my shield. No matter if my flesh desires for the things of this world at times, You remind me that I should never do things that will grieve the Holy Spirit. Thank You for speaking to me, God. I am blessed to know that You are leading me by Your hand. I don’t deserve to have Your presence in my life, but You still come and help me. What I need is Your healing hands over me at all times. I am sick and have need of a physician. Forgive me, Lord, and cleanse me of all my sins. Heal me of my sicknesses and raise me up into newness of life. My heart, mind, and soul love You and are focused on doing Your will and not my will or the will of man. You give me the strength to overcome the enemy. Thank You, God. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/27/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray for people who are on earth now and will be when You return Jesus. If people have not repented on that day, then they will get what they rightly deserve. Justice has to be served, for You are our King and Lord of Lords. I worship You, God. It is hard to believe that people will continue to resist You, even until the end of their lives. I often have to wonder why people would choose to live a life without You, God, when they could be saved from the wrath to come. It doesn’t have to be difficult to be saved, but many people make it seem this way. They add extra rules to their religion thinking it will better help them, but in reality, it is only keeping them from doing Your will. Surely, the gospel message is simple, but people like to complicate it. If people could just know the will for themselves, they would stop trying to work their way to heaven but live to do Your will instead. It is sure nice to know that You are speaking to us and also leading us by the hand. I love the feeling of being led by You. Truly, I am not the only one blessed when this happens, but others around me also. One thing You have taught me, God, is that there will be persecution, although we are made strong with You leading us. Things will only get worse as time goes by, but I know that You will one day come for Your church. Then, will we be raptured up to be with You. Not to endure any more lives trials, but be forever blessed. I love You, God. You are my King and I worship You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/26/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will make a spot for me during the marriage ceremony of the Lamb. I have lived this life for You, and pray that I will be there among all the other saints of God. You know that I have had my share of mistakes on this earth. I have done things I wish I hadn’t, and only You could settle the debt. I was lost in my sins and transgressions against You, but because You died for me, I have been made clean. Lord, I know that You have died to pay the price for all our sins, no matter how heavy they are now. Thank You, God, for Your forgiveness and mercy. It is my prayer that You will keep me from harms way. Lead me from temptation. Help me to live a life that is worthy of my calling. Whatever You would do in my life, I know I cannot accomplish it if I am living in willful sin. This is only quenching the Holy Spirit, which I pray I will never do again purposely. Therefore, look at my heart, even now, and rip out of my soul anything that is contrary to Your will. I am speaking of any false beliefs that are still there, along with any sinful actions. Cleanse me and move within my life. Lead me to Your truth. I love You, God. You deserve all the praise and glory. I sing to You, my King and my God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/25/2021)

Oh Lord, You are so good to us. Though we don’t always deserve Your mercy, You extend it just the same. Those who love and follow Your commands are those who have experienced Your abundant grace and perfect love. I just wish that people who are currently against You and Your followers on earth would wake up to their sins. Then would they know that You are so just in Your punishments, but also so forgiving. We are all like the prodigal son when we live a life apart from You, Lord. For we have all gone astray during different parts of our lives and done things we wish we hadn’t. However, the day we return to You, all our debts are settles. I know that my sins have been very heavy, where receiving Your forgiveness would have sounded like a fairy tale in times past. You know how wretched and wicked I once was. I was so far from You in my lust and sexual sins. My beliefs were also of men, but all this has changed. You have come into my life and done a work like never before. All the lust is scattered to the wayside. Every false belief has been squashed, and now I only wish to be led by You, God. Lord, Lead me into the harvest where the very elect will be called out of the darkness and into Your glorious light. I trust in You. I believe in You. All the glory to God in the highest. I worship You, my King. Come and lead me to greener pastures. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/24/2021)

Oh Lord, You are so good to me. What have I done to merit Your favor in my life? Nothing. But still, You have seen something in me that myself and others could never see. I am speaking of potential, which I am so grateful for Your patience. You could never think this way of me unless You knew that something greater was coming in the future. And now that I have put my trust in You, I have seen so many good things take place in my life that I have never seen or experienced before. Why do You work through me? I will never understand. But what I do know is that I am so grateful. I would like to think that I would be Your disciples while You were on earth, Jesus, but only You know if that would be true or not. What I know now is that You are the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I love to witness Your truths to anybody possible. It is true that I feel an urgency to reach certain people while I have time. If it is my life or other people’s lives that are soon to end, I will never know. Only You know this, God. If me reaching certain people at certain times in the day is what is important to their salvation, I also do not know. What I do know, Lord, is that I am like a farmer. You have given me seeds on earth, and I am here planting those seeds in people’s hearts. Will they all germinate and be saved? I know this is not possible. What I do hope for, Lord, is that out of the thousands of people I have reached for Your cause, I pray that a hundred will come off of the path of destruction and be saved. I live for You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/23/2021)

Oh Lord, it is so good to have You in my life. I know how it once was when I put all my trust in people who only failed me. I was so lost and doubts continually swirled in my mind. But now that I have You with me, my life is founded on a rock that is unmovable. Thank You for taking me out of the Mormon Church, which is false, and leading me to know You personally. I would have never made that leap of faith to know You like I do today if I took the easy way out. What would have been very easy was to simply stay in the religion I grew up in. I would have never lost friends or relationships with family if I had done this. But it was worth it. No matter if I hardly ever see certain people I grew up with anymore, I know that You have placed new people in my life that are only helping me in the faith. Nothing in this world is more valuable than that what You can do for my life. I have searched for truth throughout my life but never felt what I had was complete. It was until I found You, Jesus, that I thought I would be lost forever. Oh, how wrong I was. You took a person who was discouraged, not knowing where or what to do next in life, while leading me to write daily devotionals for my ministry. And not only this, You have given me web developer skills in order to create the site I have today. Yes, God, I give You glory for everything that I have been able to accomplish on “Daily Christian Devotionals“. It is a work of art, but only because You have done it all through me. I give You glory and praise. I surely am unashamed to tell people about You now. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I lift my hands up to praise You. I don’t deserve the life I have now. You could have taken it away a long time ago. You know how deep I was into sexual sin that it almost ruined me and my marriage. In this time, I had run to things that only led to temporary happiness. I was never fulfilled. Each time I needed a bigger high than the previous times. You probably saw all this and were so sickened by what I was doing. I am sure that You thought about giving up on me then, but You didn’t. For this reason, I have to ask why? Was it because You knew I would overcome the enemy and find victory with You? I believe this to be true. You do know everything, and although I was causing grief in my family’s lives and especially Yours, Your patience for me endured. And so I remember the day that I found You. It was at the time that I was desperate for help, and especially for a Savior. Then, You came Jesus. You heard my cries and I was no longer alone. I didn’t need the things I was seeking after any longer for You became all I need. Forgiveness and mercy are all I wanted. I wanted a clean slate and You gave it to me. Thank You for calling me out of the darkness and into Your light You covered me by Your blood and I am made clean. Therefore, I need more of Your presence in my life and less of me. I am desperate to know You more and to do Your will above all else. I worship You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/21/2021)

Oh Lord, I worship You, my King and my God. Only through You am I any different than before. If there has been a change from within that people have noticed, You have done it all. One thing I am amazed about, even now, is how You have been able to tame the lusts in my heart towards women. You know how I once was, but now even pornography is vial in my mind. I truly want nothing to do with things that will turn my heart from You. You are my everything and I pray that You can see in my heart how this is true. I am sorry for the past and what I have done in transgressing against You and Your holy commandments. Therefore, I truly hope that You have heard my cries and forgiven me as a sinner. Lord, I love it when You said You came for those who are sick and need a physician, for that was me the whole time. I didn’t realize it until what You did for me on the cross sunk in. Deep down in my soul, I am now so grateful for what You did for me, Jesus. You have come down from heaven to save a wretch like me, and many others in the dark world we live in. I love You. I give You honor and praise. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person throughout the world who is part of the Catholic church. Wake them up to the idolatry they are under when it comes to praying to Mary, the saints, and angels. These images of stone, wood, and clay are doing nothing good for the welfare of their souls, but bringing them further and further from You, God. So I pray that Catholics will begin to read the Bible and pray to You for themselves. Then, will they know that no idolator will ever have entrance into Your kingdom. Surely, if idolators are not going to heaven, then only hell is at the door. I am afraid too many people have already died in these false beliefs and are there now. But one thing I do know still is that there are good people in the Catholic church who are not idolators but eagerly awaiting to hear the truth. These types of people, You have led to me as I have gone out in the harvest to witness Your truths. This is so amazing to hear them pray and confess their sins before You, God. I have seen many people who are Catholic give up their worship to anything but You. It is the love they have in their hearts for You that leads them to repent and leave what is false behind. I have seen this from many people in other false religions also and it is truly remarkable. Even my faith is strengthened when I hear another person pray with me for salvation. Last weekend, I heard this from my Mormon nephews and that was amazing as well. Thank You for these encounters. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/19/2021)

Lord, it is my prayer that people will not have to find out in the long run that their names are not written in the book of life. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody, even though it is a reality for many. Instead, help people know this now, while they have breath. That if they confess their sins and come unto You, then they can be saved still. What I fear is that many people will end up dying in a state of mind that they are saved, but really were not. It would be terrifying to know that what we did in this life was not enough or didn’t merit salvation in Your kingdom. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is so important to our way of life. How can I even know what I should be doing for You and not the flesh, if I am not led by the Spirit? One thing I know, God, is that the Holy Spirit leads me into sharing the gospel with others. I become even more selfless and desirous to tell people about You, Jesus. And not just this, but to help others in need, no matter their condition in life. Lord, You have led me in this life and I am so grateful. Keep me on the path that leads to heaven. If I ever go off track, let me know right away. It is not in me to willfully sin against the God I love above all things. And Lord, bring into people’s hearts what goes against Your will and what is for You. Then, can every evil thing be removed from our lives, in order to let Your light in. Lord, show me Your mysteries and help me gain the correct interpretation of the Bible at all times. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/18/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people who are truly seeking You will find You in this life. Too many people are trapped in false religions that do not save and I wish I could help them know Your truth. However, I am only one person. May my influence and the messages on “Daily Christian Devotionals” go viral across the globe. I know that my ministry is small now, but for Your cause, it can reach millions of people more. Lord, use me to do even greater things for Your glory and not my own. The more I read the Bible and pray, the more I desire for more souls to be saved. I hope to reach people before Your wrath is poured out upon the wicked at Your coming, Jesus. Lord, testify to these people in different churches that aren’t Yours, by helping them know the real truth from the Bible. May the Holy Spirit reach many more people for Your kingdom before this earth is all set and done. Lead many more Christians out in the harvest, in order to find the elect and lead them to You for salvation. I want everyone to know how much I love You, Lord. You are my God, and I worship You. In heaven, I pray that more people are saved than would have ever been before because people stepped out in faith. You are the one that gives us boldness to share the gospel with the lost. I have seen countless people come to You over the years just because I had enough faith in You to go on the streets and witness for Your cause. Through You and You alone, people have prayed for salvation, been healed from their sickness, demons have been cast out, and much more was seen and witnessed. I know You are with me and that is why I still have breath. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/17/2021)

Oh Lord, bring peace into the lives of everyone that is affected by the death of my niece. She was so young at the age of 27 and I know that many people right now are still in tears because of what happened. I am also at a loss of what to tell people that are affected, but to lend a shoulder to cry on. It is so hard to see a person we know and love for many years and then hear about them dying without notice. This happened with my beautiful niece. She had so much potential, but it will never be realized now. My heart is aching because of this. Lord, help us remember the good times we had with her while keeping her in our remembrance. I pray that she knew You, is saved, and is now in paradise, but only You know this. You are all-knowing, all-powerful, and just. People go exactly where they need to when they die. You know this for a certainty. Your best wishes for me is what brings peace and joy to my life. Would I like everyone to go to heaven and be saved? Yes, of course. That is why I witnessed Your truths, God, with my two nephews today. It was so amazing to tell them about Your great love for us and the need to give our lives to You in prayer. Only then can we be covered by Your blood and be saved. Lord, help them remember what I spoke about and the prayer we did afterwards. I was amazed to see each one of them pray also. Lord, they are ready to receive You. Lead them safely home. I love You, God. You deserve all the glory and all the praise. I trust in You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/16/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people than ever before will get right with You today. Sooner than we think, Your return will be upon us. Some for the rapture of the church and others to be a part of the fierceness of Your wrath upon the wicked. As for me, I pray each day that You will come and save me before that time. Yes, God, take me up to be with You and the angels before the angels sound their trumpets and destruction begins to take place upon the earth. As You have said, Jesus, save Your people, even Your adopted sons, and daughters, before things can get even worse in the great tribulation. I am looking forward to the day when the angels will come from the four corners of the earth, gathering every true believer and taking them up to be with You. Lord, that day cannot come any time sooner. As for me now, I suffer because of different health issues. Some days can be harder than others, but I know that one day I will finally be with You in heaven. This will be the best day ever. It may not happen in this life but in death. I would be thrilled to wake up in paradise. It will be sad to see people in hell, of which cannot come to the place where I will be, because of the great divide therein. But to rest from all my labors and then to drink freely from the pure streams of water, will be amazing. Oh, the sights to be seen in paradise and heaven to come. One day, New Jerusalem will come down from heaven upon the new earth. This is where I hope to be, even with You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/15/2021)

Oh Lord, thank You for speaking through me this day. As I stopped my car I was greeted by my neighbor who was excited to see me. This was after a two-hour drive home and I was tired, but seeing the smile on his face led me to greet him with love and to witness Your truths with him and his friend. Yes, God. It was at that moment that I walked close to where they were sitting and asked them if they were believers in You. My neighbor was excited and said yes, but I knew his friend didn’t feel the same way about You. So I asked him, “why don’t you believe in Jesus?” When he said it was because he was Muslim, I knew that I could only get through to him if you were with me. No matter what I would say, he would reject it unless the Holy Spirit was there doing the speaking. So at that moment, I invoked the Holy Spirit to speak and You did. Wow! Thank You, God. I couldn’t believe all the verses in the Bible that were flooding through my mind as I helped this Muslim man understand that You are God, Jesus. Just as You spoke to John, I also believe that You are Alpha and Omega, the First and The Last, the Beginning and the ending. And as You told the Pharisees, You are the great “I Am”. There is no one like You, God. These references of Yourself were spoken to Moses and Isaiah and other prophets. Thank You for allowing me to get through to this Muslim man with these verses and others. Lord, I pray that he will turn from his sins and come to You, Jesus. There is salvation only through You and not Muhammad. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/14/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that fewer people have to be around when it comes to the angels pouring out their vials of Your wrath upon the wicked. This will be devastating, to say the least for people who are alive. Unfortunately, those who worshipped the beast and got his mark will be the ones who are afflicted in this day. Praise be to God that You will spare the righteous from these times of great tribulation and destruction. It is my desire to see more people be saved and go to heaven one day, but this has to be a decision that each individual has to make. I can’t force people’s hands to lay down their pride and confess their sins. Even if they prayed a sinners prayer with me, I would want them to dedicate their lives to follow You and not just do so for a minute of their life. It is so true, God, that most people who go to hell didn’t want to obey You in the first place. And if they don’t wish to do Your will, why would they want to in heaven or the new earth? But then we have people who are upset with me by telling them that there is a heaven and a hell and to repent of their sins. If people could just realize how sanctification works, they would repent and thank me. Truly, Lord, when your blood covers us, we are washed clean. No longer are we spotted with sin but made clean in Your sight. Thank You for touching my life and doing this for me. I owe everything to You now. Therefore, I live my life for You. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/13/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will make a decision to follow You. To give up everything they think they know, in order to be led by You and no one else. Give us wisdom, God. Help us to walk in line with Your principles and commandments for our lives. Then, will we make the right decisions and not be conformed by the ways of the world. I know that in these last days most people are living for the lusts of the flesh. This has caused people to have sex outside of marriage, look at pornography, be homosexual, commit adultery, and more, while justifying these sins. I saw this first hand while witnessing at the Gay Pride Festival this last weekend. It was so sad to see what was happening there. People truly mocked You in the way they dressed and spoke to me. I knew that many people would destroy or throw away the gospel tracts I gave them, but hoped and prayed that there would be even one person out of the thousand that would receive Your message of hope in their lives. I go to these events not to participate, but to help people know their need to repent and get right with You, Jesus. I wish this would happen sooner for some people, for death is at the door. I love You, Lord. In Your Name, I pray. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/12/2021)

Oh, how glorious, just, and true are You, oh Lord Jesus. I worship You, my King. Nothing can ever take away the joy that You have given me. Your ways are just and true. Everything You do is for our good. You know everything we’d ever need in this life and also supply these needs when we trust in You. Thank You for showing me what I can be, not just the person I want to be. If I continued to trust in my own flesh, then I would be lost and on the verge of destruction. Thank You, Lord, for helping me find the way. You did this by helping me understand how I fall into sin, that I might know what to do the next time I am tempted. Even to remove me from these situations. You have taken away many of my distractions that lead me to sin, and I am so grateful for You changing my mindset. If I am different now, it is because You have done a mighty work in my life that no person could do. It is the least I can do to tell others about You, Lord, in order to be saved also. God, when I go on the streets, use me for Your glory and not my own. I have been very blessed to have the Holy Spirit with me for all these many years. Thank You for trusting in me, though I have failed you so many times. You are so patient with me and such a good good Father. I love You, Lord. I wish I could give You a big hug and let You exactly how I feel for You. I give You praise, honor, and thanksgiving, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that many of the people I reached today at the Gay Pride Festival will be saved. That they will come to a saving knowledge of You, Jesus, and repent of their sins. It was awesome talking with the many different young men and women, who are simply confused about their sexuality. If they would just submit their lives to You, then they would know how sinful their actions are. Just like we are in sin as heterosexuals when we look at pornography, have sex outside of marriage, or commit adultery. Thank You for helping me understand that I am no better than homosexuals when I do such things. I am not any better if I willfully sin against You, Lord, and do not repent. Therefore, I pray that every professing Christian will also give up their sinful actions and submit their lives entirely to You, Lord. I don’t wish for anybody to die and wake up in hell. But I know this is happening every day, and every hour in this world, as I speak. I often wonder why people choose to do evil, instead of obeying You. But then again, if people disregard You and Your words in the Bible, then they allow themselves to be naïve in their sins, which is very sad. So Lord, wake us all up to our sins. Not only homosexuals but heterosexuals also. We all need You to come into our lives, in order to be completely changed and transformed by Your perfect will. This is the message I brought to the Gay Pride Festival today, of which I pray that many people will turn from their sins and be saved. I love You, Lord. You are my God and I will serve You until the end. I give You praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/10/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that anybody who thinks they can fight against You will repent before it is too late. It is hard to believe that anybody could ever feel this way, but I know that they are out there in the millions. People who will fight against You at any beck and call. This is so terrible to even think about, for I know that in Your coming they will see their swift destruction first hand. Nobody is mightier than You, God. People can think of themselves so highly, but in a second they are humbled before You. Lord, this wickedness that I see in this world is growing worse every day. Even to the point of protecting my kids from it is getting harder and harder as time goes on. It is so sick and wrong to see teachers and people in the news twist what is evil, in order to make it appear good. Even tomorrow, I’ll be out in the harvest preaching the good news of the gospel at an LGBTQ Pride Festival. In saying this, I pray that You will be with me and help me reach these wicked people with the truth. Lord, open their eyes to their blatant sins, of which Your wrath is upon. I pray that they don’t have to go through the ending of the great tribulation, where they will be destroyed by Your might hand. Deadly vials will be poured out upon them by angels. This will happen very quickly, where no person can hide. Surely, You know exactly where we are at all times in our lives. You can see our thoughts, our intentions, and our actions. Help me to resist temptation and do Your will, that I might shine Your light continually. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/09/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will not only use me mightily for Your cause but that many other people will also follow suit. To live and die for Your cause is what I am made for. Not to be a coward when I am asked if I am a Christian for the sake of living or dying. You mean the world to me, God. What can I gain in this life, if it isn’t founded on You? Everything I know and love in the flesh will one day wither away. I can’t even count the number of my days, for only You can see when my death will happen. But I know that when that day comes, I will be singing and shouting hosanna to Your great Name, Jesus. Then, will You take me to Your heavenly home above, where there will be no more tears, sorrow, or death. The former things will be no more, and now I will be able to bask in Your glory. For eternity will I praise Your holy Name and continue to do whatever You ask me to do. Lord, take me where I am today and make me even greater for Your kingdom. I want to do greater things than I am doing now, but only You can help me achieve this through the Holy Spirit in me. Therefore, I cast aside all my lustful desires in order to be heavenly-minded. Give me wisdom that surpasses all understating. Much like Solomon became the wisest person in all the world because of You, God, give me this type of wisdom also. Help me to see things exactly how they are now and what they can still become in the future. Do in me a work that has never been seen before. I pray for many more salvations. Help me lead people who are lost to You. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/08/2021)

Oh Lord, my God, I pray for more and more salvations. There is freedom from the chains of sin and death only through Your great Name. I believe in You, Jesus. You are my healer, my redeemer, my Lord, my God, and my everything. May there only be good things that come from my mouth. Help me to live only for You. Knit my heart to Yours, that it may only beat for You. This world is crazy, especially the darkness that is seeping out of it. I can see the millions of demons taking over people’s lives and it kills me to see this happening. I wish people would come to You, in order to break free from their addictions, bad habits, and wicked lifestyle. What we are doing now that is evil can be cast out of our lives if we but trust in You, Jesus. You cast out of my heart all my lustful temptations. The enemy tries to have me bend over to these sexual perversions, but my spirit will have nothing with it. It grieves me even thinking of betraying You through willful sin. If I already know that something is sinful, how can I give in to it and still feel good about myself? The answer is I can’t. I love You more, God. If there is anything that is keeping me apart from serving You more, then cast it out of my life. I want only to be known by You and people that You were my everything. That I lived for You, because of my great love for You. I honor and love You through my obedience to Your commands. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/07/2021)

Oh Lord, I worship You. You are my God and no other person will ever take me away from You. No matter if a person comes into power and causes people to worship something that is not You, I will not do it. I am willing to risk my life, in order to worship You and no one else. In the future, it may get like this, but I am not afraid of what is to come. I may not be able to buy, sell, or work at certain places because of the COVID Vaccine. But this does not cause me to fear, for to follow You means that nothing else in this world matters more than You. If I am doing anything that the world does is evil, I would feel so terrible about it. Therefore, I confess my sins daily, that You can make me clean. I will not continue doing anything that transgresses against You. Lord, this world is so dark right now. Most people now love what is evil more than what is good. Idolatry is no longer an issue for most people, for not only do many religions worship false gods, but many people also worship things like money, cars, boats, houses, sports teams, music artists, and more. They know all about the ins and outs of these hobbies, that they talk about them all the time. Even so much as to hardly ever if never speak about You, Jesus. I wish that people would learn how wrong this is, but pastors are not teaching against these forms of idolatry. They even wear this type of sporting gear in church, which is crazy. Lord, open up their eyes to see how far they have fallen. People get so riled up at football games, but can’t even worship You like this in church. Their faith is dead, so they walk and talk just like the world does. Lord, wake these people up to follow You. I wish for them to be saved, but they must make their minds up themselves. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/06/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will give me wisdom that is beyond my understanding. There are so many mysteries in the Bible that I need answers to. I read Your words daily, in order to better understand them and to teach them to others. It is my prayer that Your mysteries will be unfolded unto me. Little by little, give me more and more understanding. Just like pastors who need to understand the Bible through the Holy Spirit, lead me the same way. Help me and others in the faith be led by You at all times who are pastors, elders, teachers, evangelists, and other leaders in church and outside those walls. We need Your wisdom, in order to be strong in the faith and not go astray. I rely on You being my guide in order to know what is right in this wicked world and cling to what is good. Truly, what we see in this world is evil, where most people cling to what is bad. Good and evil have been flipped upside down, which is very sad. Abortion is seen as ok for women to do with their bodies, although babies are murdered. The LGBTQ have their own pride months and festivals, where good people are turning to this abomination unknowingly. We got the Bible and prayer being removed from schools, which is making more people atheists than not. I truly hate what is happening, for it blasphemes Your good name in so many ways, God. As You hate what is evil, I have learned to do the same. Not the person, but the wicked acts that follow. Keep me ever in Your light and love. I love You, Lord. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/05/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will be led by the enemy, but Your hand alone. Lead us all our days through the Holy Spirit. Keep us In Your light that shines brightly in the darkness. I want to follow You and do Your will above all else, but I know that Satan has other plans for my life. Often times during the day and at night I am tempted through lust. This has been difficult to overcome over the years, but with You in my life, I am able to win these battles. And now I have many people who persecute me. They slander my name through their harassing Facebook posts. This has been very disheartening at times, but I have realized that persecution does come in people’s lives who love You, Jesus. You are my King and I worship You. No matter what is offered to me in this life, it is not worth losing my soul over. Living for You is more important than living for the world. Lord, help me. My flesh is weak, but with You in my life, I am strong. Even strong to resist every temptation the devil throws at me. I love Your ways and Your commandments. They draw me nearer to You when I obey. Give me guidance and direction, that I may go through this life with eyes to see and the blinders off. I will listen and obey You when You call me to do things, even though my flesh may try to resist. I love You, Lord. I give You praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/04/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people in Your church will stand strong against the enemy, who is Satan. His attacks are many, but Your strength is far greater than any persecution He throws at us. Because You are for us, who can be against us. The battle is fierce, but with You at the head, we can go forth and win. I believe in You, God. Because Your hand is in my life, I can go forward in great faith. Faith that surpasses all understanding. Even our flesh can’t do the things that You do in us. Before I came to know You, Lord, I stuttered a lot. I was not outgoing and often kept to myself. I was afraid of what people would think of me. All this changed when I gave my life to You. It is amazing the things I can now do, that I never did before. Through the Holy Spirit, I have gained much wisdom and understanding. Even the boldness to share the teachings of the Bible to people in all the world through my writings. I write daily because people need to know about You, Jesus, and be saved. I open my mouth and witness Your truths with people in my city also, for there is no other person under heaven who can save us, but You, Jesus. It is my desire to see many more souls be saved and go to heaven. I wish I could empty hell, but that is not possible. Instead, I will witness Your truths to any person who has ears to hear. Then, can they also be saved from the wrath to come. Lord, help me. I need You more in my life than ever before. Persecution strikes are upon me and I pray that these people will learn from their wicked ways and repent. Thank You for helping me, God. I love You. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/03/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your people, who are the Jews and Gentiles who believe in You, will endure in their faith. It is a great shame to know that people who once loved and served You have now gone astray. But just like the prodigal son, I am praying for their safe return, even into Your loving arms. I don’t want people to miss the boat, like those of old did during the times of Noah. But this time will we meet You in the clouds, Jesus. What a time this will be when You call upon Your angels to gather us to be with You. I can’t wait for this day, for I will finally be safe from my enemies on earth. You are my righteous king and all my worries and fears are over when You are in my life. So what a time this will be when I am finally in Your presence for all eternity. This is all I desire. You are the bridegroom who has come for Your church. Thank You for coming for us all, who love You, especially me. I still wonder how You could have chosen and loved a person like me. You are so patient with me, Lord. I have betrayed You so many times in my life, and still, You extend Your mercy towards me. I hope You know that I am so grateful for Your forgiveness, though I don’t always deserve it. It is Your mercy and grace that has carried me out of my wicked lifestyle and into Your light. And it is my continued prayer that You will lead me now and forever from temptation. I live for You, my Lord, and my King. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/02/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your people will remain strong in the faith, no matter what battles come our way. Persecution is already rising against the church at this time and I have personally seen the attacks come my way. When it comes to believing in You, Jesus, life isn’t always easy. I know that there will be ups and downs during the span of my life. All I know is that if I abide in You, then all things will work out of my good. Even to a point of being at peace during the hardest times of my life. Only You can do this, Lord, for nothing is impossible when You are in my life. There is guidance and direction that I can find from anyone else, for You are my supplier of the wisdom I need in this life. I pray that You will continue to lead the way. As for heavenly things, I know that my eyes are only open so far when it comes to seeing things in Your kingdom. Therefore, open my eyes further and further, that I might be ready to know Your perfect will when my time is done. It is true that I will not live forever, and that one day You will take me home, dear Lord. If in death or in the rapture, I will be ready. I am Your son and You are my Father. I want everything that You can do for my life. So Lord, lead me from temptation. Help me to win the battles over sin, that I may not transgress against You. You know what I have done in the past and I am so very sorry. Forgive me, Lord. Make me clean and sanctify me through Your blood. I want more of You and less of me. I love You, God. Amen.

Today’s Prayer (09/01/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your people will be ready for Your return. One day soon, the angels will blow their trumpets, while angels will gather Your saints from the four corners of the earth. If I am on the earth at this time, I will be anxiously awaiting this time. I want to be with You Lord! To be raptured up to be with You in the clouds would be amazing. Therefore, transform my life even more so according to Your perfect will. Wherever I am falling short, help me understand what I can do better. All I wish for is to gain more insight from heaven. What I can learn on earth does not matter in the long run, but only what You can teach me, God. Have Your way in my life. Lord, forgive me of my sins. Lead me from temptation and cast out every wicked thought that comes into my mind. I don’t understand why certain thoughts linger and others do not, but I pray that those things that lead me to sin will be cast out of my heart and my mind. Surely, Satan wants to destroy my faith and my spiritual walk with You, Jesus. I am continually tempted to do things that the flesh desires, but know that these things are so sinful and abominable in Your sight also. It is so sad to see that what is good and bad is flipped upside down in these last days. What we need in this darkened world are eyes to see what is good and what is bad, that we may cling to what is good. What is true and what is false, and then cling to what is true. You are my God and I will follow all my days. I love You. Amen.