The Seventh Angel Poured Out His Vial

It was in 1960 that we saw the biggest earthquake ever to hit the earth. This time it was in Chili, where the Valdivia earthquake killed about 1,655 people, along with leaving two million people homeless, 3,000 people injured, and not to mention all the millions of dollars of homes and buildings all leveled and destroyed in an instant. This was a 9.5 magnitude earthquake. I mention this since scientists predict a 10 magnitude earthquake to hit the earth very soon. But I will go on record that the earthquake we will see will be even worse than that, of which will be felt all around the globe. Smaller earthquakes will happen from now until then, but when the seventh angel from God pours out his vial into the air, this means destruction and turmoil for every person who is left on the earth. The earth will rumble and split, causing roadways, highways, bridges to collapse. Not to mention all the buildings and homes that will be leveled. If this earthquake is as big as I think it will be, millions of people will lose their lives. This is spoken in Revelation, chapter 16. “And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.” (Revelation 16:17,18) In this time, we learn that a great city will be divided into three parts because of the earthquakes in that land. This is where Babylon resides, of whom God’s wrath is upon.

Rome is said to have its stronghold upon the kings of the earth. This city is Rome, but more specifically an independent city at the center of Rome, Vatican City. This is where the center of the Catholic Church resides. Isn’t this interesting that the Vatican will be divided because of the magnitude of the earthquakes on that day? Will the pope die because of it? Time will tell. All I know is that this will only happen because God is unhappy with that church. Not only is there worship of idols in that church, which God hates, but since its inception, they persecuted the saints of God, even to kill them in their early years. Now, the Pope acting like God on earth, while receiving worship, is a mockery to Him. Babylon is in that city and God’s wrath is upon it. In this time, every nation will also feel the wrath of God through the great earthquakes felt on that day. Even hailstones will be great in that day, killing many people because of the size of the stones hitting the earth. John recorded this and said, “and the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.” (Revelation 16:19-21) So let us get ready, so that we don’t have to be around when all this happens. Only Jesus can save us.

Let us pray:
Oh Lord, I pray that more people than ever before will get right with You today. Sooner than we think, Your return will be upon us. Some for the rapture of the church and others to be a part of the fierceness of Your wrath upon the wicked. As for me, I pray each day that You will come and save me before that time. Yes, God, take me up to be with You and the angels before the angels sound their trumpets and destruction begins to take place upon the earth. As You have said, Jesus, save Your people, even Your adopted sons, and daughters, before things can get even worse in the great tribulation. I am looking forward to the day when the angels will come from the four corners of the earth, gathering every true believer and taking them up to be with You. Lord, that day cannot come any time sooner. As for me now, I suffer because of different health issues. Some days can be harder than others, but I know that one day I will finally be with You in heaven. This will be the best day ever. It may not happen in this life but in death. I would be thrilled to wake up in paradise. It will be sad to see people in hell, of which cannot come to the place where I will be, because of the great divide therein. But to rest from all my labors and then to drink freely from the pure streams of water, will be amazing. Oh, the sights to be seen in paradise and heaven to come. One day, New Jerusalem will come down from heaven upon the new earth. This is where I hope to be, even with You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.

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